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Where in the world are Sheldon readers?

I’ve started fiddlin’ with Google Analytics to see where in the world Sheldon readers are coming from…and I thought I’d share some early fun facts with you:

– California, Texas, New York, and Washington have the biggest Sheldon readerships by state.

– Sheldon does really well in the UK. Mostly in the greater Londonopolis area.

– Not a lot of love from France. (…clearly, these strips continue to haunt me with “La bande dessinée” readers:

– Germany, however, has a bigger readership than 80% of US states. Mostly from Frankfurt and Munich. Who would’ve guessed?

– A surprisingly large showing from Sweden. Given my love for IKEA’s meatballs, this brings special joy to my heart!

– Big Sheldon readerships in Toronto and Vancouver.

– The southeast coast of Australia is a little hub of Sheldonistas, with big showings in Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney.

These little geographical tidbits will help me plan out what future comics conventions I’ll be coming to in 2008.

In fact, I can already announce one conclusion for my 2008 travel plans! South Dakota, you’re out. I’d love to see Mount Rushmore again, but I’m sorry…it’s just not working out between you and I.