Nov 28, 2006
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Now Playing: Sheldon-By-Email!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 - 07:42 PM

I'm happy to report that Sheldon-By-Email deliveries have started. Now you can enjoy the daily strip, the daily blog, and all your favorite site links... delivered right to your inbox.

Folks have been e-mailing me all day letting me know how happy they were when they got their first strip this morning. Thanks for that. And if, by chance, you didn't receive your Sheldon e-mail this morning, check out these helpful tidbits...

Q: I don't seem to be getting my Sheldon e-mail. What up with that?

A: It's most likely being flagged as spam by your mail filters. Take a minute to go through your filters and take Sheldon out of the "baddies" shouldn't be in there!

Q: I signed up, but have never received the daily delivery. What gives?

A: Did you click on the link in the confirmation e-mail? If not, that's probably what's holding up the works. Or, if you did confirm your signup already, and you're still not getting it...? It may be that your mail filter thinks it's spam. See the question above.

Q: My e-mail address changed when I moved/graduated/changed jobs. What do I do now?

A: First, sign up for Sheldon By E-mail under your new address. Then, please unsubscribe at your old e-mail address, as that will help us out tremendously. If for some reason you can't access your old account, just pop us an e-mail so we can take your old address off the list.

Q: I get the e-mail, but the strip isn't there! It's blank! Why-oh-why must these technological woes afflict me so?

A: Some email programs (notably AOL and Hotmail) allow you to disable images. You'll need to enable them in order to see the daily strip.

Still have questions/problems? Head to the Sheldon forums, and we'll see if we can't solve it together.

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Sheldon's Google Ads Account Disabled

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 - 04:39 PM

Since the launch of the new site, I've been happy to tout all the free stuff that the site gives you: free archives, free e-mail delivery, free RSS feeds, and lots of free, little extras. But since something has to pay to keep the lights on at "Sheldon", I do rely on a few revenue streams. Among these streams is Google Adsense text ads.

For those that don't know, Adsense ads are the text-based ads that match the content of the site itself, potentially offering you ads you'd actually be interested in. And up until this evening, they were working exceptionally well on the site.

In large part, that was due to the fact that Sheldon readers have ploughed through 6 million pageviews since the new site's launch on Nov. 6th. This voluminous traffic, when coupled with Google site-matched ads (thanks to transcribed comic strips), was going well, and I was very thankful for the extra income that Google Adsense would provide.

But alas, tonight Google informs me that my account has been completely disabled, and all monies returned, due to "invalid clicks". What caused that to happen, I'm not sure. (I have a cartoonist's insight, after all, not a programmer's).

I have asked them to take another review of the account, and my fingers are crossed that it was just a huge jump in traffic that triggered their fraud algorithms. But in the meantime, all I can do is wait to hear back from them.


PS: I will ask this, though: if you're a Sheldon reader, and you work for Google, please drop me a line. I'd appreciate any help I can get in clearing this up.

PPS: Don't think the irony is lost on me that Google has a Sheldon original hanging in their lobby. *Sigh*

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