Jan 27, 2007
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Names 'n Things

Saturday, January 27, 2007 - 10:35 PM

Every time I drive by a "Linens 'n Things", it makes me laugh. What a ridiculous name. It's like the naming committee got off to a good start...but then suddenly realized that lunch had arrived, and just quickly voted for Linens 'n Things.

I believe the general mood, as they took the vote, was "Meh."


And as for Subaru? Ahhh, gentle Subaru. Your cars shall always remain among the pantheon of Citroens and Pontiac Azteks and early-90s that allowed their owners to broadcast to the world: "I don't like to look attractive in any way. Please, stop flirting with me and inviting me to parties and fun summer BBQs. Perhaps you didn't notice, but I drive a Subaru."

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