Jul 6, 2007
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E-mail vs RSS

Friday, July 6, 2007 - 07:16 AM

Two quick reasons to point you to Unshelved today:

1.) Klingons! Always fun.

2.) Unshelved topped 20,000 e-mail subscribers today, which is great. Congrats, fellers!

Speaking of e-mail signups: Sheldon has been tracking a (roughly) 5% monthly growth rate in e-mail subscribers...which is nice. But man! The Sheldon RSS feed is growing by about 10-15% a month. I don't use RSS, myself. I am the oldest man alive on earth, clearly. But just based on the growth rate for the Sheldon feed, RSS must be a great way to work the web.

Dave Kellett: possibly about to dip a toe into the wonders of RSS.

Actually, since it's the weekend coming up...

Dave Kellett: about to mow his lawn, and then, come Monday -- should he remember -- will possibly dip a toe into the wonders of RSS.

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