Nov 13, 2007
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The High Cost of Living in 1979

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 11:46 AM

Have you ever read this strip from the Sheldon archives?

Sheldonista Nolan B. did, and he sent me this e-mail afterward:

Hey Dave! My name is Nolan and I'm a big fan. I was looking through your archives and I noticed that Grandpa spent $1,300 on a Microwave in 1979. Check out the information I got from In 2002, $1,300.00 from 1973 is worth: $5,261.42 using the Consumer Price Index, $4,252.76 using the GDP deflator, $5,559.30 using the value of consumer bundle, $5,110.79 using the unskilled wage, $7,232.43 using the nominal GDP per capita, $9,843.41 using the relative share of GDP. [He spent] four to ten thousand dollars on a microwave!

Thing better have a rack...

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