Nov 27, 2008
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So, Apparently I Was Right All Along (Awwwwkwaaaard)

Thursday, November 27, 2008 - 10:28 PM

As 9,000 e-mails to my inbox on Thanksgiving have proved, I was right all along when I wrote "Buffalo Shank", and needn't have corrected it to "Buffalo Flank".

Working the way I work, there are few times that I miss the presence of an editor -- but me unnecessarily correcting *myself* was one of those times. Here's why: "Shank" is an inherently funnier word than "flank". That's not a qualitative call, that's quantitative: "Shank" is funnier, mathematically.

So, on this most rarest of occassions, I think I'm gonna change the word *back* to what I originally had written, with smiling apologies. I'd rather have "shank" in the books and in the archives.

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