Sep 20, 2010
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Three Things for a Tuesday

Monday, September 20, 2010 - 09:02 PM

1.) Sheldonista Jessica sent in this pic, saying "Another satisfied ninja sporting his awesome birthday shirt." I love it, Jessica!

2.) There was a very kind write-up of DRIVE in the Syracuse Post-Standard (or, on the newspaper's website, anyway). A doff of the cap to Jeff Kapalka for the kind article!

3.) My travel schedule, over the next 6-7 weeks, has me going to Columbus, Ohio to speak at Ohio State's big Festival of Cartoon Art... to Savannah, to lecture and teach at SCAD's excellent sequential art department... and to Easthampton, MA to take part in the New England Webcomics Weekend.

Because of a big film project that I'm working on (more on that, later), I don't know how much time I'll have for reader meet-ups and socializin' in Columbus and Savannah, which bums me out. But I'd hate to travel all that way and not see you I'll try to work something out as things get closer. In Savannah, at the very least, we should be able to organize a night-time meetup. Ohio might be trickier.

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Monday, September 20, 2010 - 09:57 AM

When I showed off her Sheldon collection a few blog posts ago, I thought Stacey was the clear winner...hands down. But Sheldon reader Melissa A. just e-mailed me with a pic of her own Sheldon collection, and daaaaang:

For those playing along at home, I see:
- All 7 Sheldon collections
- The Drive book
- The Pugs and Literature collections
- How To Make Webcomics
- My college collection, "A Well Balanced Meal" (It's rare: There were only like 2-3,000 of those ever 15 years ago.)
- A Sheldon Sunday-sized original art
- A Sheldon daily-sized original art
- A poster
- A "Lucky Duck" t-shirt
- Sheldon buttons
- Aaaand a personalized sketch, it looks like! probably from a convention, I'd imagine.

Lordy Lord, Melissa! Lordy Lord!

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The World Needs More Staceys :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010 - 08:22 AM

Got this got note from Sheldonista Stacey M., and was kinda floored by her accompanying photo:

Hi Dave --

Wanted to send a 'thank you' Artist's Editions of "Literature" and "Drive" arrived today to much excitement [I may or may not have been compulsively refreshing the shipping status page once I saw it had shipped]. You should have heard the "squee!" when I saw I had number 2 of "Literature"...thank you!!

With these two latest, I now have all 11 of your books in my collection [plus two originals and two sketches you did for me [way-back-when at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco]. I've attached a picture I took for myself and for insurance Kellett Collection, all in one place.

Thanks, Stacey! This is pretty dang cool!

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