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Coffee Mug, Revisited

I’m a little floored by the response to the “perfect coffee mug” post.

Folks sent in links by the dozens…they pointed me to stores and ceramic artisans….they wrote me about the inherent benefits of this or that type of mug. And, most amazingly, I got dozens and dozens of e-mails from folks offering to buy, hunt down, ship, *make* (which I found particularly kind), have made, or even send me pre-owned mugs that matched my description.

And I have to be honest: I feel a little embarrassed that that post would garner that response. That wasn’t my intent… to cause folks to want to buy/make/ship stuff.

My wife, who is far wiser than I in every measurable way — looked at me as though I couldn’t see the obvious and said, “What kind of response were you expecting? Of course nice people are going to offer to do that when you write about your ideal mug!”

Husbands: Not-particularly-bright-when-it-comes-to-basic-human-interaction.

Needless to say, I could never ask folks to spend any money or time procuring me a silly coffee mug, but I thank everyone for the kindness behind the offers. And, it makes me aware of two things:

1.) Sheldon readers are really nice people, who will offer to pitch in even on an oblique call for help.

2.) I should blog about “needing” an iPhone or a Segway. (cough, cough)

Anyway, out of the 47 mug-links sent in, here are a few that most closely matched what I was shootin’ for:
and just because it’s ridiculous:

(Interestingly, librarians had the best links…which once again proves the old truism that if you need somethin’ found that needs searchin’, ask a librarian.)

Also interesting: How many people e-mailed in saying that my Platonic Ideal of a coffee mug wasn’t possible because a 4″-tall mug with a cylindrical shape and a diameter of 3 3/4 to 4″ couldn’t/wouldn’t/shouldn’t hold 16 fl. oz. Alternative measurements offered included 10 oz, 12 oz, 20 oz, 24 oz and, most disturbingly, 6 oz. (Math: America’s Tricky Friend.) Sheldonista Kaleb B. sent in this funny tidbit on the matter: “In a mini-“MythBusters” like experiment, my dad and I tried to show that the reason you can’t find the perfect mug is that it’s physically impossible (i.e. can’t hold enough liquid with your measurements). However, we were proved wrong. His 4″x4″round Tigger mug from Disneyland fulfills all of your requirements, including holding 16+ ounces, except that it has a logo. Maybe you should take a trip to the “Happiest” Place on Earth and find yourself a new mug, then paint it.”

Also, also! Sheldonista Danny B. e-mailed me with the coolest possible solution to my mug-search: His home-made Albert Einstein mug. Check this puppy out:

Thanks again to everyone that wrote in: It was fun seeing how many other coffee-mug-o-philes there are out there!