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How Dr Who Also Leads to New Music

Do you remember, last week, when I mentioned that it was my English buddy Jon who introduced me to Doctor Who? He e-mailed me the other day to remind me that I actually asked, when he was first explaining the show: “…So, there’s been all these Dr. Whos, right? Do they elect a new one, or what?”

(Fantastic. I must’ve sounded so, so lame.)

Also! Jon let me know that his band Burningpilot has a new album out of indie-disco synth-rock, titled “Cold Caller”. The last time I was in England, Jon was in the studio working on it, so I’m excited to see it hitting iPods everywhere.

Here are some reviews of it:

“The newcomers are burning bright on the dancefloor with this Talking Heads-meets-Franz indie disco blaster” – NME Magazine

“Two songs in and you’re thinking: this, with its art-rock music, Mark E Smith vocals and William Orbit synthy sounds, is the future of indie-disco” – The Independent

“First-rate synth rock” – The Big Issue

“Burningpilot favour a metallic, Eighties rush of sound, throwing out echoes of The Fall, The Stranglers and general post punk desolation and fizzing synths. The band do a sterling job of setting out their stall, showcasing all that’s good about Burningpilot on these ten tracks that justify the rush for their previous sold out singles. 8/10” – Clash Magazine

If you’re interested in checking out their sound, you can head over to iTunes or Play.com. (My favorite tracks are “Accelerate”, “Moving Models”, and “Case History”.)