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On the subject of terrible names…

Nebraska, know that today’s strip is done with love. And I don’t just say that to avoid the inevitable deluge of pro-husking e-mails. I say it because it’s true.

All of us, no matter the background, no matter the region, have a *cough* less-than-stellar *cough* team name in our life.

My High School mascot, for example? The “Dons”.


How weak-sauce is that? Basically, we were named for wealthy Spanish landowners of significance. Kind of a tough name to get pumped about: “Go, pseudo-royal-blooded-landowners, go!”

So let’s hear it: Who’s had the worst team name out there? (And University of California Santa Barbara Banana Slugs…you don’t count: You choose that name willingly.)

EDITED TO NOTE: Thanks to the kind, gentle, timid e-mails of 10,000 UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz alums, I am kindly, gently, timidly reminded that it is UCSC, not UCSB, with the “Banana Slugs” mascot.

You would think that I, having graduated from UCSD, would know that…. but alas, I am at long last revealed to be a moron. 🙂