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Woo-Hoo! Free Shipping!

To celebrate the big move to creating Sheldon full-time, I wanted to do something that says thank you for supporting the strip. So starting today, and continuing through Sunday, all store orders come with free shipping within the U.S.! Order anything you like…your favorite original artwork, a Pure Ducky Goodness book, or one of the last remaining Artist’s Editions of The Good, The Bad & The Pugly…and get free shipping on the house!

(Sorry, international readers…it’s too ‘spensive to offer free shipping around the globe! I still love you, though!)

Since they’re almost gone…I’d like to offer up something fun. The person that orders the very last copy (#250) of the limited, Artist’s Edition of The Good, The Bad & The Pugly will get an AWESOME sketch. I’ll be spending some solid drawing time on that bad boy…so you won’t be disappointed!