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Quick question on iMovie ’08

I’m in the process of editing the “How Sheldon Is Created” video, and have hit a substantial roadblock…so I thought I’d ask for help.

Does iMovie ’08 have a way to change the duration, such that a section of video can run at 2x, 3x, or (any) increased speed? The old version of iMovie used to have that…but we’re hard-pressed to find that functionality in the new version. After 2-3 hours of looking online through tutorials and FAQ, I thought I’d ask Sheldonistas.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Blowout Sale on “What Would a Klingon Do?” Shirts!

After a long and glory-filled presence in the Sheldon Store, we’re bidding goodbye to the “What Would A Klingon Do?
” t-shirts…as they head off into Sto-vo-kor. (I’m such a huge dork for even writing “Sto-vo-Kor”).

All remaining shirts are 50% off! A mere $9! Surely that is a price you can say “Kerplah!” to! (C’mon. Honestly. Who writes that?)

So head on over to the Sheldon Store and grab the last shirts with honor.

Today *IS* a good day to shop!

(Seriously: I’m a massive dork.)


I missed it! We had our 3,000th person sign up for e-mail delivery, yesterday. Neat!

There are three ways to read Sheldon: The website, RSS, or by e-mail. The number of folks who read by e-mail are by far the smallest group (RSS is growin’ like wildfire) but watching that e-mail number grow brings an inordinate amount of joy to this cartoonist. It’s very Pavlovian. 🙂

Do you have someone in your life who would enjoy gettin’ Sheldon in their inbox? Tell them to sign up here…and convert a friend into a new Sheldonista!

Quick ALA Writeup: Photos to Come

My first American Library Association Conference has come and gone…and I had a blast. As an occupation, there is no friendlier group of folks than librarians.

Example A: After my post about the original art being taken from the booth…I had no less than four librarians come up and offer to pay for it. I of course didn’t take any of them up on their offer — but their supremely kind gesture(s) put in relief what a great group of people librarians are.

Example B: Almost every single librarian Sheldonista at the conference brought another librarian with them to introduce them to Sheldon…which was awesome. I suppose it comes from having a job where you’re constantly helping to connect people to the things they need: Even at a conference, that impulse continues!

I wandered around the massive Anaheim Convention Center for just a bit, and was amazed and the breadth and depth of arcane or rarely-seen services on display. My favorite display? The automatic book-page-turner-thingies-with-auto-scanning. It’s basically a machine…designed to flip pages…and take high-quality, accurate scans…super quickly. It’s the same thing Google is using to scan much of the Western world’s literature. Anyway, watching these machines at work with super-brittle books, I couldn’t help but be impressed at the multiple engineering hurdles that no doubt had to be overcome. It’s like having a robotic hand pick up an egg: Not as easy as it looks.

Other highlights of the show: Exhibiting with Unshelved’s Bill Barnes and his pen-name-weilding partner, Gene Ambaum…with whom the laughter abounded. Around about Sunday, though, I decided that Gene’s pen name was a ridiculous contrivance for a cartoonist, and started calling him “Fakey McGee”. If you’re an Unshelved reader, please drop ol’ “Fake-Name” a line for me and tell him you love his *new* nom de plume. 🙂

Sheldon intern Stephanie made it down to the show on Tuesday, and I’m happy to report she had fun (and had some good interviews with publishers) at this, her first trade show!

When I get a free second in the next few days (…read: probably two weeks from now) I’ll post a photo album from the show to share with everyone.

In the meantime: a huge THANK YOU to all the librarians who came by, said hi, and gave me such a warm welcome! You made this show immensely fun.