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Volunteers Needed!

Have you ever searched for a particular Sheldon strip or punchline…only to realize that the one you’re looking for can’t be found? That’s because not all the strips have been transcribed, yet! Guys, I need your help!

We’re currently 400 strips behind…but if we used our combined super-powers, we could burn through those strips in no time. If everyone did even ONE STRIP…we’d power through ’em! Are you willing to help?


1.) First: To make sure you’re not logged in to the Sheldon system (as that will mess up the transcription system) …click this real quick.
2.) Second: Open up the instructions in a tab or window in your browser.
3.) Then, in a separate tab or window, open up the list of strips that need transcribing. Pick any strip listed under “Strips needing editing”, and follow along with the instructions.


I had wanted to have the system track the number of strips you transcribed, but unfortunately the two databases (the user login and the transcriptions) aren’t playing nice with each other. So! If you want to track the dates of the ones you’ve done/did/do, I’m still happy to honor the first two previously mentioned gifts (see below). Don’t know the dates of ones you’ve already done? I’m OK with honest guesstimations. 🙂

– Transcribe 50 strips, get a personalized, inked Sheldon character sketch (of your choice) mailed to you!
– Transcribe 100 strips, get a personalized Sheldon book mailed to you with a sketch inside!

– Additionally, everyone who chips in will get a free high-five from me, any time I walk by!

When you’re ready to redeem, just
Click to email me.


I’ve mentioned Spacetrawler, the webcomichere before (and have it perma-linked on the right, there)…but I wanted to make a special mention of the first Spacetrawler book…because I’ve read it twice, now…and it is excellent, excellent sci-fi.

If you like Drive…oh man I’d bet my Great Aunt Gertie that you’ll dig Spacetrawler. It seriously is good, good stuff. Give the book a go!

Roz Chast

I had to call “do-overs” on Thursday’s strip.

I drew it up, and immediately realized that Roz Chast would’ve handled that strip better. This one just seemed up her alley….seemed perfect for her sense of humor.

Roz’s work is most commonly seen in the New Yorker, but I imagine a great many Sheldon readers outside the US/Canada might not be familiar with her work.

So go check out her site! And if you’re enjoying it, do drop her a line to tell her, and pick up one of her books!

New Schedule Starting March 31st

The bonus strips from the last month were really fun to do. Hope you guys enjoyed ’em!

Having DRIVE on Wednesdays reinforced that I want to move the strip away from Saturday updates. It’s a nice weekend treat…but literally *no one* is at their computer on a Saturday. In contrast, I’ve always liked Thursday as a webcomics reading day, so… BAM: Decision Made. Starting on March 31st, it’ll be Thursday updates for DRIVE.

(I’ll blog about it repeatedly before and after I make the move…just to remind everyone.)

And thanks again to the game masters at Star Pirates for sponsorin’ the site for a month, and making the bonus strips possible: You guys are awesome.

Volunteers Needed! …Gifts Involved!


REVISED TO NOTE: There are new instructions for strip transcriptions, HERE. The short version is: The user login systems and the transcription systems are not playing nicely with each other…so we had to devise a new way to do it.