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Two T’ings Tuesday


Wednesday is your last day to get a FREE copy of the Sheldon book, “Still Got It”. We’re moving the Sheldon Store to a new warehouse, and I’m giving out a ton of free books to help with the move.

Buy one or more Sheldon/Drive books between now and Nov 20th, I’ll throw in, FREE, a copy of “Still Got It”! (You don’t need to enter any code or do anything tricky. WE will manually add the freebie to ANY book order before Nov 20th!)

So head over to the store, grab a book, get your freebie!

I put up a piece of Original Art up on eBay, called “Duck the Halls,” with a starting bid of one penny. But the whole thing ends in like a day…so head on over if you’re interested!

Sheldon Original Art

1.) I’ve put up a piece of Original Art up on eBay, called “Duck the Halls,” with a starting bid of one penny. There’s just a boatload of holiday ducks in this piece, just duckin’ it up. The piece is drawn in lightfast, archival inks on acid-free, vellum Bristol stock. The cardstock itself measure 11″ x 14″ inches while the drawn image is roughly 10.5″ x 13″ inches.

I’m starting the bidding at $0.01, because I’d rather leave it up to you guys to decide what it’s worth. So if you’re a fan of Arthur — go throw your hat in the ring for a penny!


I just wanted to thank DreamWorks Animation for inviting us to screen our comics documentary for them, tonight, at their Redwood City studio. Aaaand for the followup invite next week at their Burbank studio! We’re so close to being able to bring the film out into the world, that the wait is painful. But a private screening like this, for one of the most incredible studios in the world — is so rewarding in the meantime!

Thanks, DreamWorks: For the invite, and the super kind reception!

One day left!

For the original art collectors among us: Just one day left to pick up this piece! Possibly the single greatest artwork of a lizard carrying a duck EVER. Check it out!

The single greatest thing I love about webcomics…

…is that you’re not wed to one format, one way of doing things, or one style of communication. So, for example, Sheldon has had lovely character arcs, fun adventure arcs, pokes at literature or pop culture, non sequitorial children’s literature, fake magazines, nods to pre-War comic strips, post-war industrial films, and the surreal.

So don’t worry: Today’s strip is not Sheldon turning into an editorial strip. Like all the other genres and styles listed above, it’s just nice for a cartoonist to try out a different arrow in the quiver, from time to time.