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Almost forgot…

I should mention that there are only a few dozen Artist Editions left for “The Good, The Bad & The Pugly”.

You can never predict how fast these things sell out, but since the final copies of “A Well Balanced Meal” went in about a day, I’ve learned to give folks a fair warning.

Just a reminder: these are the limited edition books, and once they’re gone, no further Pugly Artist Editions will ever be sold. After that, the only way to get a unique, awesome drawing in your book will be to corral me in person. But I’ll demand that you buy me curly fries in trade.

So if you’re interested, and don’t want to have to buy me curly fries, pick up your copy before they’re all gone.

Good News, Bad News & News You Can Use

Three bits of news today:

1.) Sheldon was nominated for the “Outstanding Comedic Comic” Award over at the WCCA’s, which is always fun. I stumbled on this strip, this morning, using the random button, and realized 2006 was a pretty solid year for Sheldon.

Sheldon is up against some pretty funny strips, but it’s nice to get the shout-out, regardless. Also nice: Blank Label picked up nine total nominations!

Outstanding B&W Comic: Starslip Crisis by Kristofer Straub

Outstanding Character Rendering: Ugly hill By Paul Southworth

Outstanding Use of the Medium: Halfpixel by Kristofer Straub

Outstanding Web Design: Starslip Crisis by Kristofer Straub

Outstanding Comedic Comic: Sheldon by Dave Kellett and Shortpacked! by David Willis

Outstanding Sci Fi Comic: Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler and Starslip Crisis by Kristofer Straub

Outstanding Superhero/Action Comic: Evil Inc by Brad Guigar

2.) The server seems to have had an electron jump where it should not, as the 1/31/07 strip does not seem to want to post. Let me assure you that it is a life-altering, hilarious strip, and that you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for it when it finally appears, as it may help you with any weight-loss problems, relationship insecurities, work difficulties, or vericose veins. It’s that good. (Dang shame the server picked today to lock up.)

3.) Also! My buddies Kris Straub and Scott Kurtz are launching their big project PVP: The Series Feb. 1st. If you’re a PVP fan — you should definitely check this out!


We’ve seen, of course, that Gramp likes coffee in all it’s permutations.

But in looking for the original Folgers lyrics online (couldn’t find ’em), I did stumble upon this little gem from the Folgers vaults.

My friends, this is not a coffee commercial. This is a relationship that needs an intervention. That guy is a monster.

Names ‘n Things

Every time I drive by a “Linens ‘n Things”, it makes me laugh. What a ridiculous name. It’s like the naming committee got off to a good start…but then suddenly realized that lunch had arrived, and just quickly voted for Linens ‘n Things.

I believe the general mood, as they took the vote, was “Meh.”


And as for Subaru? Ahhh, gentle Subaru. Your cars shall always remain among the pantheon of Citroens and Pontiac Azteks and early-90s Saabs…cars that allowed their owners to broadcast to the world: “I don’t like to look attractive in any way. Please, stop flirting with me and inviting me to parties and fun summer BBQs. Perhaps you didn’t notice, but I drive a Subaru.”

Flaco’s Adventures

For those who may have missed them, here are the 1, 2, 3, 4 previous installments of the Saturday-only storyline.

Flaco’s pose in the last panel made me laugh out loud when I drew it — which is pretty rare. But that little walkin’ pose makes him seem like such a happy lizard.

(…And for those who just recently started reading Sheldon, I should perhaps explain that Flaco has a bit of a talent with his tongue. Although I think this is the first time he’s weaponized it.)

Win a personalized sketch!

So here’s the contest idea: guess which top ten countries generate the most Sheldon readers, and win a free, personalized sketch of your choosing!

As you know, it’s possible to tell where in the world Sheldon readers come from, by country, just by looking at the server logs. 60% from the US, 10% from Canada…etc., etc.

So, in this contest, your job is to guess the top ten countries in that list. Is Bulgaria in there? You’ll have to play to find out!

Just head to the Sheldon forum to play, and enter your list of countries.

And if you’ve never posted on the Sheldon forums — make this your first time, and win yourself that sketch!

It’s “Let’s Joke About Various States” Week (Apparently)

New Jersey, Montana, Mississippi…it’s like geography class all over again ’round these parts!

Having driven through 49 of these 50 u-nited states, I can tell you that I harbor no ill will for Montana. I like Montana. It’s a great state.

And, if I may share a biographical moment with you, Montana is the coolest place in the world to get hit in the square of your back by a dried buffalo patty thrown by your brother, while your attention is focused on the elk you’re trying to photograph.


In other news: have you found Arthur’s MySpace page yet?

Plugging Talented Friends

One of the beautiful things about the web is that any artist at any level can post their work online.

One of the difficult things about the web is that any at any level can post their work online.

It makes it tricky to find work of quality, as you sometimes have to wade through a lot to find the diamonds in the rough. That’s why I always appreciate it when Sheldon readers tell friends to give Sheldon a try. A personal reference from you to your buddies means way more than any link: it’s personal, and it’s based on a shared sense of humor.

And I like to pay that sentiment forward whenever I can. So today, I want to mention three bits of new online artistry that you might enjoy:

1.) Lunchbox Funnies: In their early days, webcomics were largely geared towards the dominant early-adapters of online life: nerds, gamers, and youngish guys. Which is what makes Lunchbox Funnies so interesting. Like Blank Label Comics, Lunchbox Funnies is a collective of webcomics, but intentionally geared for all generations to enjoy. From their press release: “We’ve each been working towards creating highly entertaining comics that can be enjoyed by beginning readers, teenagers, and adults alike. We’re convinced that “all-ages” doesn’t mean “just for kids,” but rather it’s a label that should apply to entertainment that allows for shared experiences across generational lines.” I’ve already found a number of strips in their lineup that I really enjoy — check ’em out.

2.) Barkeater Lake: Looks like Sheldon started a bit of an trend over at comics.com! Fellow comics.com refugee Barkeater Lake has moved to an independent site…and it’s lookin’ good. Head on over!

3.) Jonny Blu: Webcomics aside, let’s talk American jazz for a minute. Specifically, Jonny Blu. My wife and I met Jonny at a wedding a year or so ago, and really clicked talking artist-to-artist. But our fields couldn’t be further apart: Jonny was and is a very successful singer in China(!), and has recently moved to LA to start a new chapter in jazz. And man-o-man, that boy’s jazz is silky smooth. Have a listen!

Midnight Haircuts

Why do I always remember to get my hair cut at midnight…when it’s absolutely impossible to get one’s hair cut?

But hey…I live in LA! Surely if I got in a car right now I could find one place in this city where I could get a haircut at midnight…right? Isn’t that the supposed advantage to living in a huge metropolis? You can see a play, have a churro, get fitted for a suit, drop off your microwave oven for repair, and go shopping for Tofurkey…and all at 2 AM, right? I seem to remember those being the big selling points in the big-city-livin’ brochure.

So why not midnight haircuts?

Where is the justice for forgetful dudes with hair that currently looks like George Clinton?? Where is the justice, I ask you??

Thoughts on the Borg

I’m getting a lot of e-mails “explaining” to me why Capt. Picard became Locutus of Borg, most of which run 6-10 paragraphs (…I kid you not).

But the best e-mail ending I’ve ever seen came from Arjan, in the Netherlands. After paragraphs explaining the minutiae of the Borg, he says:

“…So all in all, there are two very good reasons for Picard to have been given a
borg name and oh my god I just realised what a big star trek nerd I really am,