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Star Wars Babies

One of the most fun things I’ve done, in recent weeks, has been to draw “Baby Admiral Ackbar”. What a great, great character design Ackbar was. I could watch an entire movie with that dude.

Also! Just for fun, why not watch this.

Today’s Poetry Corner

Who knows why I ended up doing two strips relating to poetry this week — ’tis the odd stirrings of the Muse, I suppose. But it makes me think it might be fun to have a “Sheldon Poetry Week” one of these days. (Not unlike the “Artist Week” we had all those many moons ago.)

Anyway, to rectify my loving jab at e.e. cummings, today, I thought I’d share one of my favorite poems of his:






You, Me, Smoochin’

Do you guys remember this strip, where Arthur pitches Flaco on the “best Venn diagram ever”?

Well, Sheldon reader Doug sent me this riff on that idea…which I found pretty awesome:


Because he was intentionally drawn with a lighter ink stroke, I thought I’d give you a close-up of Larry in today’s strip.

Also: It’s entirely possible that this is Larry’s second appearance in the strip. (I can’t find the strip, but there’s one where Arthur’s explaining flight to Flaco, when Larry bonks right in front of them. Know the one I’m talking about? Link to it, below, if you do!)

Edited to add: Sheldon forum user “LizardKirk” found Larry’s earlier appearance. Thanks!

Arthur’s Letter-Writing

Today’s strip isn’t the first time Arthur’s written a “helpful” letter to God. Here are some earlier ones — 1, 2, and 3 — with this one being my favorite.

Tip for the day: Peel from the “Bottom”

A few dozen of you e-mailed and tweeted me, today, to share this patented “Amazing Banana Secret”*…which I hadn’t heard before:

Apparently, apes, gorillas and monkeys peel bananas from the bottom-up, not from the stem-down…as it takes care of the the string cheese problem aaaand the weird GI-tract nub in one fell swoop.

Thank you all for sharin’ that! I been doin’ it wrong all these years.

*PS: If I may quote from Dave Barry, doesn’t “Amazing Banana Secret” sound like a punk-rock band name?

Rage! Rage against the dying of the light!

There’s nothing more satisfying, as a cartoonist, than taking one of the most compact, powerful and breath-taking poems written in the English language…and making it a cartoon about kids and video games.

I think, in my heart of hearts, that’s what Dylan Thomas always intended, really.

Drive Archives for Feb 20th

Hey! It’s Saturday! That means it’s time for our sci-fi series, “Drive”. For this week’s installment, it’s probably a good idea to refresh with last week’s, first.

And here are the full archives in order:

Text Entry: Continuum,
Text Entry: Secrets,
Text Entry: Veetans,
#16, #17, Text Entry: Memos, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24, #25.

Open the above links in tabs to read ’em in order. Hope you’re enjoyin’ it.