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3 Days, 3 Deals: DAY TWO!

DAY TWO of “3 days, 3 deals”!

TODAY: All Sheldon original art is $50-off!

Navigate to your favorite in the archives, and click “Buy Today’s Original Art”. Bam! $50 off!

Exclusive Drive eBook!

On Thanksgiving Day, I’m going to be sending out an exclusive DRIVE eBook to all my $5-and-up supporters on Patreon.com/drive! It’s all the reference pages gathered into one eBook: All the encyclopedia entries, the maps, the timelines, and more!

The eBook will ONLYgo out on Patreon, and ONLYon that one day. It seems like a fun way for me to say “thanks” on Thanksgiving!

If you’ve ever thought about supporting DRIVE, this is the best time to jump in! There’s only 8 days left until Thanksgiving, so join us HERE!


[VIDEO UPDATE] Press Proofs Are Here!

SHORT VERSION: The book looks amazing!

LONG VERSION: Press proofs came in, and the above video takes you through all the different parts of the book production! It’s pretty neat to see, if you’ve never seen all the parts that go into a book.


ALSO: 92% of you have given me your shipping address, but I’m still waiting on that last 8%. If you haven’t given your address, go here — https://driveact2.backerkit.com — and follow GET MY SURVEY. Thanks!

ALSO ALSO: I’m giving away a 55-page eBook of all the Drive reference materials on Patreon! If you’ve been looking for an excuse to support Drive on Patreon, HERE’S YOUR CHANCE! The eBook will only go out to $5-and-up Patreon backers, and only on Thanksgiving Day! You’ll also get all the other Patreon exclusives — but the eBook is a rad special offer. So join us, here: https://www.patreon.com/join/drive?

New subreddit for DRIVE! r/drivecomic

Hey gang!

This past weekend, I met a few employees from Reddit, and they talked me into starting a subreddit for DRIVE. So, voila, check it out:


I’ll be honest. I haven’t…loved…the Disqus system on the DRIVE site. So! In anticipation of designing the new DRIVE site in the upcoming months, I thought we’d try Reddit over Disqus.

Reddit is the fifth-largest website on the internet, and most (all?) of us have interfaced with it once or twice, at minimum. The up-vote system is brilliant, and there’s a broadly understood segmentation of ideas/conversations under different “Posts”.

So! It’s a process: We’ll try this out, and see how folks like it. In the meantime, feel free to chime in at the subreddit…and see what you think!

Fan Theory Time!

The full story for DRIVE came to me during at a book signing at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles in 2007.

Since that time, I’ve only told one person the final ending for DRIVE: Fred Schroeder, the Director of the comics documentary “Stripped.”

He’s the only one that knows.

But! About six months ago, one Patreon backer guessed, pretty much point-for-point, the final plot lines of the story. I intentionally said nothing, and waited for their comment to get buried in the sands of time. But now, I thought we’d have fun with that.

So! Patreon backers, here’s what you do:

1.) Watch the video!
2.) Write your theory of how the story of DRIVE will end on >>THIS PATREON POST<<. We’ll check back on your theories when the story wraps up, to see who was closest!
3.) If Fred Schroeder is reading this: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO POST.
4.) And if you want: You can like/heart the theory you think works best. Whether it’s yours or someone else’s!