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A Little Time

Today begins our fourth TALES OF THE DRIVE guest story: “A Little Time”! Zach Weinersmith’s tale will unfold over the next eight weeks, as the crew desperately attempts to fix mistakes made in time travel. You’re going to love it.

And! AND! If you’re not familiar with Zach’s work, make sure you check out Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: It’s nerdery at it’s finest. Here’s the link: [http://www.smbc-comics.com/]

“That Time” Moved in the Archives

Our third TALES OF THE DRIVE story, “That Time the Veetans Defeated the Tesskans…FOREVER” has been moved in the archives, so now you can read it straight through. The story now begins HERE.

[Additionally, here are the links for our two previous tales, YOUR DISTANT HOMELAND and CUTE THINGS.]


I want to say a huge public thank you to Ryan North and Tony Cliff — two artists I have infinite respect for — for producing such a delightful story in the DRIVE universe. They’d never worked together before, but the story and images they produced melded perfectly, and were a delight to read.

Any time I open up a DRIVE story to guest artists, I do it with one unusual caveat: NO EDITING FROM ME. I bring in artists I trust, and then let them run free to write and draw what they like. A.) Because it’s a sign of respect to their time and talent, and B.) Setting them loose in such a way often produces their best work. And boy was that the case, here. I loved this story. Loved, loved, loved it.


If you loved it, too, PLEASE TAKE A SECOND TO TELL THE ARTISTS ON TWITTER. It always means a lot to artists to hear a kind word!

@ryanqnorth | https://twitter.com/ryanqnorth

@tangocharlie | https://twitter.com/tangocharlie

And make sure you check out their work!




And on Monday: We begin Zach Weinersmith’s story, “A Little Time”!