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Favorites of 2015

This week, we’ve been running some of my favorites from 2015. But I wanted to share with you some close-calls: Some strips that ALLLLLMOST made it to the top of the heap:

1.) Gandalf Airlines

2.) Your Dog Has SuperPowers

3.) A Judge With Courage

4.) The Promise of Virtual Reality

5.) How To Saute Spinach

6.) Naan Bread

7.) The Cities in DC Comics

8.) Ghosts Have Zero Mass, Right?

9.) Unnecessary Pedant

10.) Danny Zingo: Shakespeare’s Literary Agent

…so now it’s your turn: Was there a 2015 favorite of yours? Or did I pick your favorite, too, with this week’s featured strips?


I’m so excited about the “Tales of the Drive” stories coming up. LET’S TALK ABOUT THEM.

After Christopher Hastings and Anthony Clark‘s “Cute Things” wraps, we’ll have Zach Weinersmith’s story “A Little Time”, followed by Ryan North and Tony Cliff’s story, “That Time The Veetans Defeated The Tesskans (Forever)”.

And then, it’s lookin’ like we’ll have stories from Karl Kerschl, Jeph Jacques, Jon Rosenberg, Danielle Corsetto, Lar deSouza, Meredith Gran, Evan Dahm, and more. IT’S ALL SUPER EXCITING.

And as always, I have to thank the folks who contribute financially to the strip via Patreon. YOU make Drive possible…and you’re making these incredible “Tales of the Drive” possible!

Thank you!