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Christmas Shippin’ Times!

Patreon Pals! If you’re outside the U.S., today is the deadline for Christmas orders! So don’t sleep on that Sheldon or Drive book you were hoping to gift: SheldonStore.com. Those orders will go out the door by tomorrow! :

And for pals in the U.S., your deadline to order for Christmas is Dec 15th at SheldonStore.com!

Three Days Three Deals – Day 2!

Pals! It’s day two of 3 DAYS 3 DEALS!
And today, all Sheldon original art is $70-off! Save seventy smackers!
Here’s how:
1.) Navigate to your favorite in the archives
2.) Underneath the comic, click the text “Buy Today’s Original Art”.
3.) And BAM! $70-off!