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Sable Brush

Because it requires a little more time and patience, I haven’t used a sable brush to draw a strip for a while now. Working on the film has pretty much precluded that. But the tree in Tuesday’s strip just seemed to call out for a little brush work…so out it came.

Day 3: Free Sketch in any Sheldon or Drive book!

We’re at Day 3! And today’s offering might be the best o’ the bunch: For ANY Sheldon or Drive books you get before midnight tonight…I’ll sketch in ’em.

My drawing hand might regret this promise, come Monday, but I really wanna do this as a “thank you” to all of you. When you guys buy a book, or poster…you make my job — my livelihood — possible. To say thank you for that, I always give out free sketches any time I meet folks in person, but there are tens of thousands of you I’ve never met. So here’s your chance: Get a sketch in any book you pick up today!

*(Oh! And no specific sketch or dedication requests, please. That’d be a logistical nightmare, on my end. But have no fear: Imma put in book-appropriate, awesome sketches in your books!)

Day 2: All Sheldon Original Art…$50-off!

This is the best price for original art all year…and it only lasts today.

Every piece of Sheldon Original Art in the archives is $50-off the normal price for the next 24 hours.

Here’s what you do:
1.) Find your favorite strip in the archives
2.) Directly underneath it, click on “Buy Today’s Original Art”
3.) BAM. Your walls are now 78% cooler looking!

3 Days. 3 Deals.

I waited ’em out: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Whatever-It-Is-Tuesday’s-Called. Waited ’em all out.

And now it’s time for the once-a-year, Sheldon Sale-Stravaganza ( <–professional writer).

Over three days, we’re gonna have stupidly good deals that only last 24 hours. And they start on Wednesday.

Donnnnn’t miss it. For real-sies. These are gonna be the best sales I’ve ever done.

– Dave