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The Site Done Got Brokety

Heads up, all: We’re in the process of bringing a new Sheldon site online, and in the meantime…we done broke the current navigation buttons — so it’s back to text links!

It’s only a temporary hiccup until the new site launches in a few weeks (days?), and I apologize for making the old hoopty-looking site look even more hoopty. 1999 text links forever, y’all!

This is Rad

Oh man. This is awesome.

The legendary MAD magazine illustrator and caricaturist Tom Richmond created the National Cartoonist Society program for this year’s Reuben Awards, and look who’s on the cover!

(…me! In the upper right)

Isn’t that cool? And there’s a little Arthur (with an awesome tie) and a little Sheldon there, too! And I’m right behind Jim Davis (Garfield) and his inkwell martini! I could not be more honored: Tom, you are awesome. Thank you.

PS: You can check out Tom’s work in MAD magazine, of course — but he also maintains a great blog on art process and illustrating, here.

Sheldon Shirts!

Friends, if you’re like me, and you frequently wear clothing, then allow me to direct you to these fine Sheldon shirts exclusively available at Topatoco. You’re but a mere image-click away from wearing them. On your body.

“Mind of a Ninja, Body of a Manatee”

“The English Language: Carefully Cobbled Together By Three Blind Dudes With a German Dictionary”
<img src="https://www.sheldoncomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/blog_091027a.jpg"

“Knitting: It’s Sitting, For Creative People”

“Anatomy of a Pug”

“Lucky Duck”

“Coffee: It’s What’s For Dinner”

“Fantasy Football: It’s Just Dungeons & Dragons For Dudes Who Won’t Play D&D”