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Drive Cast Image…fer you!

Heads up for Drive art lovers! I’m putting a nifty piece of Drive Original Art up for grabs It’s the whole Drive cast together… the first time I’ve *ever* drawn them all together, in fact!.

 It’s drawn in lightfast, archival inks on comic-book cardstock. The cardstock itself measures 17″w x 11″h, while the drawn image is roughly 15.5″ x 10.5″ inches. There are no mistakes or corrections in the artwork itself, so it will frame up really cool.

And if you’d like, I’m happy to personalize the piece to whoever ends up snagging it. Something nice like: “To the coolest person I’ve ever met, with thanks for saving my life from sharks that one time: I totally owe you forever. All my love, Dave.” Something like that. Or maybe something totally different! Maybe you’d prefer it to say “a T-Rex” instead of “sharks”. TOTALLY YOUR CALL.

Anyway! I’m starting the bidding at one penny, as I’d rather leave it up to you to decide what it’s worth. And shipping is free within the US! So if you’re interested, head over and throw your hat into the ring!

Support Sheldon! Book 1 on sale for $10!

A lot of new readers have discovered Sheldon these last few months, which is awesome. To help those folks start their Sheldon book collection on the cheap, the Sheldon Store! is having a sale:

The first Sheldon collection is just $10!

That’s 136 pages of Sheldon awesomeness for just 10 smackers. Or, look at it this way: That’s like trading 10 pieces of paper for 136 pieces of funnier paper. There is no scenario in which that’s not a good trade.

The New Yorker

…..today’s strip is about as close as I’ll ever come to creating a single-panel New Yorker cartoon. Which is telling, as the closest I’ll ever come apparently involves Klingons. 🙂

The Spark of Thought…in Lego!

Drive reader Ted Chapman sent in this awesome pic of The Spark of Thought, rendered in LEGO! Check it out:

Thanks, Ted — that’s awesome.

And in other fun news, a graphics-and-industrial design professor in Calgary told me he’s assigning his class the task of rendering The Spark of Thought in 3-D (…with the hope of 3-D printing it!) Keep your fingers crossed, cause that would be awesome.

Thank you, Calgary!

I just wanted to take a second to thank all the Drive readers who came out and said “hi” this past weekend in Calgary — you were awesome! It was really fun seeing old and new faces, and the overall reception of the city couldn’t have been nicer.

You guys cleaned me out on Saturday! I was sold out of virtually every book and every tidbit. My apologies to those of you who came by on Sunday and didn’t get the book you wanted: That’s never happened before!

In any case, you guys made that show incredibly fun for me: I really hope they invite me back next year, as it’s a ton of fun.