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Family Visits

Isn’t that just like family? They pop in, stir up all sorts of doubts about your path in life, and zoom right off again. At least they didn’t steal the Machito right out from under Fernando: They seem to have a propensity for that.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the Tres Primos. What’s *their* ultimate goal? What was their past that got them to the point they’re at? How did they cross paths with Fernando’s father? And what’s all this about Fernando’s father in the first place? Oh, so many delicious questions.


Saturday’s was the final installment of the weekly double-dose-of-Drive. I really have to thank the sci fi-lovin’ folks at Star Pirates for the site sponsorship. It was immensely fun to advance the storyline over the past month. And it’s a high compliment to have a company love the strip enough that they’d want to support the site to see more.

If you enjoyed the extra Drive installments, you can thank Star Pirates by trying out their free, in-browser space MMO. In the game, you’re a Star Pirate trying to eke out a living mining asteroids, raiding other players’ ships for cargo, or teaming up for fleet-on-fleet combat! You can even play as La Familia…which I think is prit-ty rad.

New: PRINTS of Sheldon Strips!!!

For years now, you guys have been asking me to offer prints of Sheldon strips. And now, I finally can!

Just enter in the date of the comic-print you’d like, HERE, using YYMMDD format, and you’re good to go!

…Don’t know the date of the strip you want? Search for the strip, HERE, using key words or punchlines.

The Final Stretch

We’re in our last week of our double-dose-of-Drive, and I can’t thank the folks at
Star Pirates enough. I’ve been knee-deep in finishing the documentary these last few months…but have been missing Drive immensely. So to have them give me the nudge to do two Drives a week has been really fun. (As was drawing that crowd scene on Slaughter. I especially like the big fella with the knife!)*

…and I can’t wait for you guys to see the strip later in the week!


*Edited to note: In glancing over the image again, I think they ALL have a knife.

Make the Trade

We’re now in week 3 of the double-dose-of-Drive, and it feels right. Feels good. Feels strong.

I hope you guys are enjoying it, too!

Sponsor Shout-out: A huge “thank you” again to the folks behind Star Pirates for sponsoring this month of strips It’s been so fun to really dive back into the story. If you’re a Drive reader and haven’t yet checked out their free, browser-based space MMo — check it out!

Read my Eisner-nominated book…free!

Hey guys! Remember last year when I got nominated for the “Best Humor” book for the Eisner Awards, and was super complimented, and got super excited, and then totally lost big-time? WELL LET’S DO IT AGAIN ‘CAUSE THEY NOMINATED ME TWO YEARS IN A ROW!

My book, “Coffee: It’s What’s For Dinner” was nominated for the “Best Humor” category of the Eisner Awards!


And to celebrate, I’m giving the book out for free, with no DRM limits on it.

Here’s your FREE COPY (24 Mb, PDF)!

My thinking is: I may not be represented by a big ol’ publisher, and may not have their giant marketing budget, but I do have the work itself. So I’m just gonna get out of the way and let the book do the talking for me. And in the meantime, what a great chance to give you guys the book for free…to say “thank you” for reading the strip!

So THANK YOU, guys, and enjoy the book!

(And Pssst: Hosting for this PDF kindly provided by Sheldon reader and software artist Wil Shipley of Delicious Library. Repay his kindness and check out his excellent media cataloguing application)!

All by His Widdle Wonesome

Now taking bets on whether Fernando just peels out and does doughnuts with the ship until they return.

Also: A first (brief) mention of how their FTL communication system works! We’ve had word of the vidpacks system, before…but this is the first time we’ve heard tell that the whole thing is ring-dependent. (Correct me if I’m wrong, there: I don’t *think* it’s been mentioned, before.)

Like Lambs to the Slaughter

Off they go, to the lovely little seaside vacation village of Slaughter. Take the kids! Jet-ski rentals until 5PM!


This is something I’ve been dying to show you guys for a while, now: A map of the galactic powers in the Milky Way.

Have a close look! Whatcha see? Anything that suggests past wars/plots/intricacies…or suggests future ones? Post what you think, below: It’ll be fun to hear what you can parse out just from the map!

And as we had into the second week of our Double-Dose-of-Drive, let me give a huge ‘thank you’ to the game masters at
Star Pirates. I’m already getting word back that a lot of Drive readers are trying out Star Pirates’free, browser-based space MMO — which is awesome. It’s a virtuous circle of scifi-lovin’ folks!

So post below! Whatcha see? Whatcha think?

The Six Moons of Slaughter

What be this, this Six Moons of Slaughter? Tune in next week: Same Drive-time, same Drive-channel.


Good news for fans of my second strip, DRIVE: All throughout April, we’re going to have two Drives a week…all thanks to the game masters at Star Pirates! See, the folks at Star Pirates are huge fans of the strip, and like so many of you — they were jonesing for more of the story.

And when they read that I had to take time off from Drive in order to manage my obligations on Stripped and Sheldon, they had a proposal. What if they sponsored Drive for a whole month, to make sure a whole big chunk of the story could spin out? It’s a brilliant idea…and guys, it’s happening all throughout April.

So while you’re enjoying the double-dose of DRIVE, give Star Pirates a go! It’s an in-browser space MMO you can play anywhere for free. You play as a star pirate, scratching out a living mining asteroids, raiding other players’ ships for cargo, or teaming up for fleet-on-fleet combat! There are even fleets named after factions in the Drive universe…which I’ve always thought was super cool!