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Pickles Kickstarter Update: New pins!

Look what the FedEx fairies dropped off this morning! Our new pins! The “I’m Fime” Pickles pin has glitter and looks AWESOME. The new colors of the pug pins are bright and delightful!

Head over to the Kickstarter and jump in on the “New Stuff” tier to get the new Pickles pin, and the Power Pack tier to get all the pins! So fun!

ALSO: did you see we’re ALMOST TO THE FUNDING GOAL!? Stretch goals comin’ in hot!

Halfway through PICKLES!

Pals! We’re halfway through the Sheldon book Kickstarter and almost at our goal! Thank you for jumping in, and thanks for spreading the word! At 240 color pages, with every Pickles comic, it’s gonna be a DANG DELIGHT!

Go get it now!

GET IT TOGETHER PICKLES now on Kickstarter!

Get the new Sheldon collection now!


And I’m making the largest Sheldon comics collection yet: GET IT TOGETHER, PICKLES!

And it’s gonna be awesome! Over 240 pages of strips never-before-in-print, brought together for the 11th Sheldon Collection! It’s full-color, and it even has a section devoted to everyone’s favorite bird, Pickles! And because it’s a collection of comic strips, this book is the perfect pick-up for everyone: Whether you’re a new fan, or have collected all ten Sheldon books! So GET IT TOGETHER PICKLESand get this book!

This book is gonna be CLASSY AS HECK. Check out the specs!

  • 240-page softcover book!
  • Printed in full color!
  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 9” (216mm x 229mm)
  • Weight: TBD, but it’s gonna be a hefty mamma-jamma at 240 pages!

This book is full of your favorite Sheldon strips: Nerdy pop culture jokes, heartfelt poems, Gramp’s coffee addiction, sassy ducks, and, of course…a whole lotta Pickles!

With lots of neat additional rewards and add-ons, there’s lots to see over at PicklesBook.com! Jump in now to make sure you don’t pull a Pickles and miss out!