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Christmas Gift-Givin’ Sale!

For everyone startin’ in on their Christmas shopping, here are two awesome deals on Sheldon stuff starting today!

1.) $10 copies of “Pure Ducky Goodness”! From today until Dec. 18th, the price on Pure Ducky Goodness is just $10! It’s a great way to get your friends and family in on the laughs you’ve been forwarding them by e-mail. Aaaaand you save $5! BAM: You’ve just become the best gift-giver ever. (It’s also a good way to start *your* collection, if you’ve never picked up a Sheldon book!)

2.) Free Shipping on Original Art: I may regret this if a whole bunch of people start ordering from Mongolia, but here goes: Between now and Dec 18th, free shipping on Original Art…anywhere in the world. Use the site’s search function to type in your favorite punchline, keywords, characters, or strip. Then, once you’ve located it, click the blue “Buy Today’s Original Art” text under that comic.

(Still can’t find the strip you’re looking for? Just e-mail me directly.)

Super Secret Link of Fantastic-ness

We’re just days away from the new book, “Nerds on Parade” going on sale, so I thought I’d mention this for *new* Sheldonistas:

Whenever a new Sheldon book comes out, the limited-number Artist Editions are offered first to subscribers of the Sheldon newsletter. They get the Super Secret Link of Fantastic-ness days earlier than everyone else.

If you’re interested in snagging an Artist Edition, take 8 seconds and sign up for the ol’ newsletter.

(I should note: Current subscribers to Sheldon-Delivery-by-Email are already signed up for the newsletter, so no additional signups are needed.)

So, Apparently I Was Right All Along (Awwwwkwaaaard)

As 9,000 e-mails to my inbox on Thanksgiving have proved, I was right all along when I wrote “Buffalo Shank”, and needn’t have corrected it to “Buffalo Flank”.

Working the way I work, there are few times that I miss the presence of an editor — but me unnecessarily correcting *myself* was one of those times. Here’s why: “Shank” is an inherently funnier word than “flank”. That’s not a qualitative call, that’s quantitative: “Shank” is funnier, mathematically.

So, on this most rarest of occassions, I think I’m gonna change the word *back* to what I originally had written, with smiling apologies. I’d rather have “shank” in the books and in the archives.

Happy Thanksgiving! Also…”Flank”

Happy Thanksgiving to the 50 states! Hope the day is a relaxing and happy one with family and friends.

Also! E-mail readers have an extra bonus laugh in Thursday’s strip. I mistakenly wrote “shank” instead of “flank” (…Lord knows why, it’s not like I spent time in prison dueling with cell-made knives), and the correction didn’t go through to the e-mail subscribers. So, you got the extra joke: A knife made out of buffalo meat. …I guess?

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!

Just 20 Copies Left: “Pugs” Artist Edition!

As I was updating the Sheldon Store software today, getting it ready for “Nerds On Parade” goin’ on sale next week, I noticed that there are only 20 Artist Editions left for “Pugs: God’s Little Weirdos”. As you guys know, when an Artist Edition sells out, they sell out for good. So if you were thinking of gettin’ one for you or as a gift, this is your head’s up that we’re almost at ‘last call’!

[Edited to add: #300 is a very special Artist Edition, by the way. I spent a good long while on that one, and it came out very cool. Whoever orders the last one gets it!]

Caption Winner

Congrats to “Empty_W” (his/her forum name) for their winning caption!

Reading through the 1,000+ entries was incredibly fun — but was filled with enough great ones that it made it very difficult to pick just one overall.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading the captions as much as I did. Based on the huge number of entries and votes cast, I think it’s something we’ll try again someday.

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted — you all deserve the official “Sheldon High-Five For Extraordinary Valor Among Exceptional Awesomeness”.

Posters! Posters in the Store!

Good news! It took hundreds of folks asking for it, but we finally did it: Posters are now in the Sheldon Store! Yep, two high-quality posters printed on matte photo paper (they’re essentially big, gorgeous photographs) are now in the Sheldon Store!

The first is a full-color reproduction of the “Krazy Kat”-homage strip: “Dilly Duck”. The Original Art for this one was snapped up within 10 minutes of it going up on the site…and hundreds of Sheldonistas subsequently have e-mailed asking for a print. So here it is!

The other poster is a long-time classic ’round these parts: The Artist’s Decision tree. Previously, it was sold exclusively at conventions — you couldn’t get it online. But blam! Online it is!

Both posters are 12″ x 18″ and crisply printed on matte photo paper. They’ll both be available through Christmas in the store — and after that, we’ll see. I genuinely don’t know if we’ll keep ’em in stock on not: It largely depends on how tricky they are to ship out in bulk. (The mailing tubes take up a *lot* of space when you have a few hundred laying around.) But between now and Christmas, we’ll definitely keep them in stock.

Also! For folks that love both posters, there’s a cheaper two-pack that’ll save you $5 on shipping and price. So check out the gettin’s over at the gettin’ store!

Caption Contest: You Guys Are No Help At All

The final Caption Contest winner will be revealed in Wednesday’s strip, so keep an eye out for that!

THANK YOU to the 3,300+ people who voted as of Friday’s poll deadline. It was fun to see that much feedback. Although, I gotta say, you guys were no help at all. 🙂

I was kinda hoping one would rise to the top, and make my job as final judge and arbiter easier. But unlike what happened in the tagline contest…here, even the big “vote-getters” only ended up with about 10% of the tally. So no clear winner among your hearts and minds. But I’m glad to see most everyone enjoyed it, in any case. It’s fun to see the different angles and permutations of joke-making.

2009 Appearances

The invites and planning for 2009 appearances have started coming in, so I thought I’d share some of the Sheldon-related events for the coming year.

Katsucon has invited myself and the other Halfpixel cartoonists out for their Virginia show on Feb. 13-15. I’ve never done a “manga”-themed show before, so I’m really curious to see how it’s gonna go.

Emerald City Comicon, one of my favorite shows in all of North America, has invited the Halfpixel cartoonists back up to their (increasingly) big show, April 4-5 in Seattle. Please make plans to come if you’re in travel distance — it’s a great, great show.

Finally, I’ve gotten word that San Diego Comic-Con has assigned Halfpixel an infinitely better booth locale for that massive, massive show. Apparently we’re right across from Peanuts — which would make my 9-year old self pretty excited. My current self, too, truth be told.

Finally, I should mention that my wife and I have been invited down to perform at the South Beach Comedy Festival in Florida, Jan. 21-24. This isn’t Sheldon-related (though I’d love you to come out and see the show) — but I’m mentioning it early as I’d love to arrange a book-signing or a Sheldonista-focused coffee meet-up while I’m there. E-mail or post below with any suggestions to that end! Thanks!

How Dr Who Also Leads to New Music

Do you remember, last week, when I mentioned that it was my English buddy Jon who introduced me to Doctor Who? He e-mailed me the other day to remind me that I actually asked, when he was first explaining the show: “…So, there’s been all these Dr. Whos, right? Do they elect a new one, or what?”

(Fantastic. I must’ve sounded so, so lame.)

Also! Jon let me know that his band Burningpilot has a new album out of indie-disco synth-rock, titled “Cold Caller”. The last time I was in England, Jon was in the studio working on it, so I’m excited to see it hitting iPods everywhere.

Here are some reviews of it:

“The newcomers are burning bright on the dancefloor with this Talking Heads-meets-Franz indie disco blaster” – NME Magazine

“Two songs in and you’re thinking: this, with its art-rock music, Mark E Smith vocals and William Orbit synthy sounds, is the future of indie-disco” – The Independent

“First-rate synth rock” – The Big Issue

“Burningpilot favour a metallic, Eighties rush of sound, throwing out echoes of The Fall, The Stranglers and general post punk desolation and fizzing synths. The band do a sterling job of setting out their stall, showcasing all that’s good about Burningpilot on these ten tracks that justify the rush for their previous sold out singles. 8/10” – Clash Magazine

If you’re interested in checking out their sound, you can head over to iTunes or Play.com. (My favorite tracks are “Accelerate”, “Moving Models”, and “Case History”.)