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2 Patreon Exclusives: Drive Talk, Book Rewards!

If you’re on the fence about supporting Drive on Patreon, check out these two exclusives only for Patreon backers!

1.) Thing #1
..is the full DRIVE panel talk from San Diego Comic-Con! It’s 46 minutes long, appears no where else online, and has a ton of secrettttts! Here’s the secret link to the talk: https://www.patreon.com/posts/1343374

2.) Thing #2
Aaaand, if you support Drive on Patreon, you’ll really really want to read this secret link. We’ll be Kickstarting the new ANATOMY OF ANIMALS book on Tuesday, and there are two exclusives, only for Patreon backers! But they’re time-sensitive! Here’s the secret link to the book exclusive news: https://www.patreon.com/posts/13433741

Drive Original Art!

For DRIVE fans who want something special for your walls, a fun piece of original art! An ink illustration of Nosh and a Monk of Yanta, starting at just one penny!

[link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/292174662393]

The cardstock itself measures 13.5 x 9.75 inches, and the image is drawn in lightfast, archival inks on acid-free, vellum Bristol stock. There are no mistakes or corrections in the artwork itself, so it will frame up especially nice.

This original art will be shipped for *FREE*, anywhere in the U.S.A! (And just a flat $5 to any point outside the U.S.A.)
Also! For the lucky one who snags the artwork: This piece can be signed and personalized at the winner’s request. So go snag it!