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Drive Wiki Down Time

During the 4th of July week, the Drive Wiki is going to have a little software update — so just a heads up that it might be down for a bit!

My 1996 NBC Interview!

Ha ha ha…this is amazing to watch, now: It’s my 1996 interview with NBC, about my college comic strip! In May of that year, I had just self-published a collection of college cartoons (…featuring the *first appearance* Sheldon!) It sold on the Notre Dame campus exclusively, and went on to sell through three printings. This NBC interview was conducted the day following its launch. It’s super fun to see.

Also: I look 10 years old.

Huge thank you to my friend Kevin McShane of Buzzfeed for digitizing the beat-up ol’ VHS tape on which this resided for the last 21 years! He really cleaned up the sound and made it all look purty!

Oh! And if you wanted to snag one of these rare, rare items, I have one of my last ten copies up on eBay for one more day: [LINK: http://www.ebay.com/itm/292150954788]

Calling all Drivers!


If you’ve been enjoying reading the story for free these many years, I want to pitch you on something: Supporting the comic with a few dollars on Patreon.

For the price of a single coffee, you can support the story you love, help hire amazing “Tales of the Drive” artists, pay for web hosting, and make all of this possible.

What is Patreon? It’s like Kickstarter, but for long-form, continuing projects, like Drive. Basically, you’re saying “This is art I enjoy, and I’ll support it by giving a few bucks each month.” And in exchange, you get to see all the strips *early*, get access to convention exclusive items, and enjoy a super lively comments section that I chime in at ALL THE TIME.

If you love DRIVE, I hope you’ll consider supporting it on Patreon!