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This Weekend! I’m in Long Beach!

Two things you need to know:

1.) I’ll be at the Long Beach Comic-Con all this weekend, at booth #515, with all the Sheldon books, Drive books, posters, and even Arthur sculptures for sale! PLUS I’m giving out free sketches and gen-u-ine, lasting friendship.

2.) I’m also giving a talk on Saturday at 3PM in room 103-B. It’ll be a great one for fans of Sheldon and Drive: I’ll be taking any questions you like on the strips, the characters, how they’re made, and more. And I’ll be giving some sneak-peak info into our upcoming documentary on comic strips: STRIPPED. Please come by! The more of you that are there, the better the talk will be.

So! Recap! Long Beach Comic-Con! Booth 515! Talk on Saturday at 3 in room 103-B!

See you guys then!

The Move

I’ve gotten the most heartfelt and wonderful e-mails, in the last week. About the move, about Gramp’s reasons for it, how it’ll impact Sheldon and the animals, about where this leaves Dante and Emily and Lil’ Butter…

It’s been this wonderful outpouring from you all. Thank you for that! I’m glad to see the storyline is really resonating for some of you. I care very much for Gramp ‘n Sheldon and the whole family…and it’s so nice to see that you do, too.

Learnin’ To Fly

This week, Tesskans bring a new wrinkle to the “mash the keyboard” technique….

Not Invented Here

Cartooning mashups are super fun to watch happen: You take two artists who are super talented in their own right, mix ’em together, and watch great art spontaneously pop into existence. That’s what happened with my two friends Bill Barnes and Paul Southworth, whose strip Not Invented Here is super fun to read.

Tech-centered, but not tech-focused, the strip is set in a software development house, and has a brilliant one-two of great writing and great art. Check it out for yourself: The entire archives are free to read!

Orrrrr, check out the first book collection they put together for new readers. Dive right on in: It’s totally worth it!

There is a Scottish Highland Game That Involves a Dude Throwing a Tree Log

Today’s strip is not the first loving jab at the Scottish. Perhaps you remember this favorite from two years ago.

I absolutely love the Scottish, because no one takes a joke better: When we made a poster of that strip’s last panel, we had huuuuge numbers of orders from Scotland for it.

In fact: I thought we were sold out of them, but a quick check just turned up five remaining copies, if you’d like one. Better move fast, though!