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Site Update: Extras Page

One of the weird things about websites is their ability to have one page, buried somewhere in the site, that has NEVER BEEN UPDATED SINCE 1965. That’s right, 1965: Prior to the internet. It’s one of the rare phenomena of the Web…right up next to the “I’ll just check my e-mail real quick” phenomenon, where you suddenly look up and it’s three hours later and you’ve been trolling Amazon.com for books on correctly pouring cement. The internet is a weird place.

Anyway, all of this is to say that I realized the Sheldon “Extras” page hadn’t been updated in four years, and started updating it this morning. If you guys can think of anything….extra….(ha!) to add to it, do let me know.

Scottish Posters Are Out!

Just a followup: All of the Scottish posters are out the door and winging their way around the world. You should be getting yours in a matter of days!

Scottish Posters Are In!

Update-o-rama: The posters came in today, and they look great. We’ll be shipping ’em out tomorrow and Friday, and most (if not all) should be out the door by then.

Personal sidenote: I’ve never seen so many orders with “Mac” in the surname. 🙂

Upcoming Appearance Schedule

I’ll be heading to some really cool events in the near future, and wanted to remind you about them:

1.) MASSACHUSETTS: Webcomics Weekend is coming up in Easthampton, MA, March 20-22 — with the big “public” events on the 21st. I hope you’ll make it out if you’re in New England, as I so rarely get out that way. Webcomics Weekend is the single largest gathering of webcomics professionals I’ve ever seen — and that includes past San Diego Comic-Cons. If you read *any* webcomics, the list of official guests reads like a who’s-who. Don’t miss it!

2.) SEATTLE: Also! My favorite comics convention in the U.S. is coming up: Seattle’s Emerald City Comicon runs April 4th and 5th, and I’m excited to say I’ve been invited back as an official guest of the show. That means you’ll see Sheldon right as you walk in the main door! Seattle, you’ve never, ever disappointed me before — come on out for the show!

3.) SAN DIEGO: Later in the summer, I’ve got two San Diego-based events I’ll be heading down for: The always massive San Diego Comic-con (where we’ll be debuting the sixth Sheldon collection aaaand a little some special), and a National Cartoonist Society / Southern California Cartoonist Society talk that they’ve generously opened to the public. More on those two later.

Anyway! If you live in New England or Seattle, I EXPECT to be high-fivin’ you in the next few weeks. And if I’m not, then I’ll be calling your cell the next day to find out what happened. Neither one of us wants that call to happen…so come on out!

Makeup for Dudes

Arthur’s quest to “double” the cosmetics market by marketing makeup to dudes has generated a lot of funny, funny e-mails.

But Sheldonista Daniella W. sent in one of the funniest overview/reviews of existing products for dudes. Worth a read, if you have a minute: The packaging images alone are hilarious.

Store Notes

Every once in a while, when someone picks up something at the Sheldon Store, they leave a funny or pithy note.

Sheldonista Damon G. left one of the best notes we’ve ever seen when buying a “Glornak” bumper sticker…

This is to replace the one I had to sell with my truck. I really didn’t want to see it go, but had no choice. They offered me too much money for it (the truck was extra).

Reminder: Last Day for Scottish Posters!

Just a heads up: Friday will be the last day to order your Scottish poster. We’re only going to do one print run this weekend, so this is your only chance! You can get yours HERE!

[Click HERE for larger image]

Webcomics Weekend! I’ll be there!

Big news for folks in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, & New York: On March 21st, a veritable “Monsters of Webcomics” will descend on Easthampton, MA for the first-ever
Webcomics Weekend.

Originally conceived as a symposium for pro webcartoonists, the event has ballooned into a massive, open-to-the-public book signing/talks/studio tours/sketch fest/art showing and more. I’ll talk more about it next week, but for now, block out the 21st in your schedule. Just look at this guest list!

Bill Barnes – Unshelved
Andrew Bell – Creatures in My Head
Sam Brown – Exploding Dog
Jorge Cham – Piled High & Deeper

Steven Cloud – Boy on a Stick and Slither
Danielle Corsetto – Girls With Slingshots
Rob DenBleyker – Cyanide and Happiness
Rene Engstrom – Anders Loves Maria
Meredith Gran – Octopus Pie
KC Green – Gun Show, Horribleville

Brad Guigar – Evil, Inc.
Chris Hastings – Dr. McNinja
Jeph Jacques – Questionable Content
Scott Kurtz – PvP
Dave Kellett – Sheldon! Woo-hoo!
Vincent LaBate – Kittyhawk
David Malki! – Wondermark

David McGuire – Gastrophobia
Randy Milholland – Something Positive
Eric Millikin – Fetus X
Ryan North – Dinosaur Comics
Jon Rosenberg – Goats
Jeffrey Rowland – Wigu, Overcompensating

Ryan Sohmer – Least I Could Do
Paul Southworth – Ugly Hill
R. Stevens – Diesel Sweeties
Kris Straub – Starslip, Chainsawsuit
Zach Weiner – Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

David Willis – Shortpacked
Kris Wilson – Cyanide and Happiness
Chris Yates – Reprographics
Jeff Zugale – Just a Bit Off

“The Great Scottish War” Posters

The Sunday strip was such a hit with readers, that we’re bringing that final panel to poster form! Here’s your chance to salute our new Scottish masters, by proudly displaying this poster on your wall.

[Click HERE for larger image]:

Here’s the kicker, though: We’re only going to do one print-run of these posters, so make sure your order is in by Friday. You can get yours HERE! Snag it before the Scots begin their advance!

Edited to add: We just got the first print back, and these babies look sharp! We’ll be sending them all out after the last order is placed on Friday. You’re going to love ’em.