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Saturday-Only Storyline

For those followin’ along — and for those folks who’d like to jump in — I’ll post the previous installments of our Saturday-Only Storyline below. Open all the numbers in new tabs in your browser, and you can read the story like 1-2-3.

I’d like to thank everyone who has written in with kind words about these little side stories. It’s fun to step out of the normal routine and write different kinds of tales…and I’m glad to hear you’ve been enjoying them as well.

(Interestingly enough, this current storyline has made me want to write a 20-to-30-page children’s book with just Flaco and Arthur…but we’ll see…we’ll see…)

In any case, here are the previous installments:
1 ,
2 ,

6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.


Sheldonista Dan M. sent this to me a while back, and I’ve been meaning to share it with you…

Four Trucks and the Angel of Death

1.) Is it possible to truly rock out to 1930’s Bluegrass music? If it is possible, then I HAVE DONE SUCH A THING THIS MORNING.

2.) Yesterday, whilst on one of Los Angeles’ many fine freeways, I had the unique experience of being surrounded by four full-size tractor-trailers while driving 65 mph. One in front of me, one behind me, and one on either side. It felt like I was driving in my own little cave. It also kinda felt like I was gonna die at any moment, but let’s focus on the positive aspects.

3.) I’ve already received a half-dozen e-mails from folks bummed they missed the Artist Editions of 62% More Awesome, but so far only one Sheldonista has started a public appeal for one. If you can help her out, awesome!

[Edit: A few of your e-mails today make me realize I need to clarify: “62% More Awesome” is not sold out..only the limited-number Artist Editions. Copies of “62% More Awesome” are still available in the store. My apologies if I added to the confusion, there.]

Sold Out!

Yesterday, Sheldonista Harold B. picked up the last of the 62 More Awesome Artist Editions.

My apologies to all those who didn’t get an Artist Edition before they sold out. I’m never sure how quick these things will go…but I always seem to get an e-mail or two the day after they’re gone, saying, “Awwww dang it, I wanted one.”

For those folks, I should mention that there are still copies of the “Pure Ducky Goodness” Artist Editions available. You can either pick them up by themselves, or in a 3-Pack that includes signed copies of “62%” and “Pugly”.

And, in case I don’t say it enough: THANK YOU to everyone who bought a copy. You make it possible for this li’l artist to keep on cartoonin’ for a living.

In webcomics, there is no middle-man, no big corporate face from which Sheldon bursts forth. It’s just me…and you…and the interweb. So please know that your support makes it possible for new strips to keep on comin’. And that makes you pretty darn rad, in my book.

Thanks for bein’ rad.

1918! I meant 1918!

I goofed.

I thought I was bein’ all clever with my reference to the Spanish Flu Pandemic from the early-20th century…and then I go and call it the “1911 Spanish Flu”.

As dozens of historians have reminded me by e-mail, it actually reached it’s height in 1918.

And thus, I once again learn that cartooning is the art of making 50,000 people laugh and enjoy themselves…and making 50 people kick into OCD-mode over their particular area of specialization.


Read Responsibly

I have been remiss in my duties as a cartoonist. In the midst of all the hubbub regarding the new Sheldon book goin’ on sale, I forgot to mention the new Unshelved book, Read Responsibly.

Unlike past Unshelved books, this
excellent collection of strips features 100% more book introductions by me! (…which, to be frank, probably lessens the book somewhat.)

You remember Unshelved, of course, from the now-infamous Sheldon/Unshelved “Coffee Cup Lid Challenge”! Well, here’s your chance to dive into the Unshelved world! Pick up a copy, and see why tens of thousands of folks follow the strip every day. Snag your copy over at the Unshelved store.

Sheldon In Your College Paper

It’s that time of year: you’re headin’ back to class, buyin’ $400 chemistry books (that you’ll sell back at the end of the year for $1.32), and divin’ into the Sheldon archives between classes.

Over the summer, I had a few college readers ask me if and how Sheldon could be in their college paper… so now is probably a good time to follow up on that:

To get Sheldon in your college paper, just e-mail your head editor or features editor and request they add it in. Having your friends join in on the chorus will undoubtedly help: editors can be swayed just like any other human being. And, you can seal the deal with this: unlike professional publications, I give Sheldon to college papers for free. Because, c’mon, it’s not like your college paper is swimmin’ in funding.

Just have them e-mail me to get set up with a login to grab high-res versions of the daily strip.

Weekend Wrapup

1.) If you missed it, the Saturday-Only Storyline had a nice, wordless moment this week.

2.) My favorite part about Sunday’s strip? Sheldon collapsing on Legos. Speaking as someone who worked at Mattel for 8 years, I can tell you that Legos are probably the most amazing toy of the 20th Century. They will still be around long after Barbie, Hot Wheels, Cabbage Patch, and Transformers are gone. But if you’ve ever stepped on one of those puppies while barefoot — it makes you want to curse the great nation of Denmark from which they sprung.

Legos: really awesome toy…really unthinkably painful to step on.

Saturday-Only Storyline

Today’s somewhat bittersweet entry continues our Saturday-only storyline. For those followin’ along, here are the previous installments:
1 ,
2 ,

6, 7, 8, and 9.

Books! Books! Books!

The Book Launch Party on Sunday night was a huge success — in large part due to the hundreds of Sheldonistas who came out and exchanged mighty, awe-inspiring high-fives. Make sure you check out the pics in the new Sheldon Photo Album.

Also! And more importantly! Copies of “62% More Awesome” are now officially on sale in the Sheldon Store! Pick up your copy (…or one of the 20 remaining Artist Edition copies) at the store!