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Friends! I’m Kickstarting the next Drive book!

>>>> DriveKickstarter.com <<<<

Friends! If you like the sweet, goofy humor of SHELDON, might I recommend you try my sci-fi comic, DRIVE? I’m Kickstarting the new DRIVE book right now, and this is *great* chance to get books 1 and 2!

>>>> DriveKickstarter.com <<<<

(…and if you’re overseas, it’s also the lowest global shipping prices I’ve ever had — so add in those SHELDON books!)

DRIVE is a mix of serious, epic sci-fi (like DUNE) and goofy, joy-filled humor (like HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE). The Post-Standard review says “The story is serious…the characters are hilarious.”

I hope you’ll join me for it! It already funded in hours — so we’re on to the amazing stretch goals, adding fun stuff to everyone’s book!

>>>> DriveKickstarter.com <<<<

Thanks friends!

Next week’s Drive on Patreon!

EXCLUSIVE EARLY READ of the next Drive is up, only for Patreon backers! The page is called “Cuddow’s Monthly Fashion Zine”:


Not yet a Patreon backer of Drive? OH MAN YOU SHOULD BE! Your support this week makes *next* week’s Drive possible!

Plus! There are a bunch of perks for you! Join us, here: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?c=104189

In fun news, this week’s Drive is a little late because we were FILMING THE KICKSTARTER VIDEO FOR THE DRIVE ACT II HARDCOVER BOOK!!! Look for that soon! I’m so excited to get that book to you!*

Also! For those that missed it, my first ever Drive watercolor is up for grabs! So if you are an original art lover, go snag it!

*Act II isn’t wrapped up but will be by the time that Kickstarter is finishing up.