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Huge Sale on Stripped!

As many of you know, I worked for 4 wonderful years on my comic strip documentary, Stripped. And thankfully, it’s gotten a great response, and won a number of film fest awards. But some of you haven’t seen it yet.

So! Today, for the HUGE comic fans among us, an awesome sale: You can gett the award-winning doc Stripped, plus 26 HOURS of bonus cartoonists interviews and content, for 39%-off! It’s in the “Super Awesome Deluxe” Package, here: http://stripped.vhx.tv/

Here’s what you get for $40:
-The feature-length movie, STRIPPED (both the regular and all-ages versions),
– The Stripped Extras Reel (30 minutes)
– The full Directors’ Commentary on the movie
– 15 full interviews:
– Jim Davis (1 hour 20 minutes)
– Matt Inman (45 minutes)
– Kate Beaton (45 minutes)
– Mort Walker (1 hour 10 minutes)
– Cathy Guisewite (1 hour)
– Lynn Johnston (1 hour)
– Zach Weinersmith (1 hour 30 minutes)
– Bill Amend (1 hour 20 minutes)
– Danielle Corsetto (1 hour 20 minutes)
– Greg Evans (1 hour 15 minutes)
– Howard Tayler (37 minutes)
– Jeph Jacques (45 minutes)
– Scott McCloud (2 hours)
– Lalo Alcaraz (1 hour 15 minutes)
– Penny Arcade (1 hour 19 minutes)
– Jeff Smith (1 hour)
– Dan Piraro (46 minutes)
– Richard Thompson (50 minutes)
– Kazu Kibushi (1 hour 45 minutes)
– Stephan Pastis (2 hours 14 minutes)
– Kurtz, Straub, Guigar (2 hours 54 minutes)

The Himalayan Squishie

We haven’t seen this breed in the strip for many years: It’s the fabled Himalayan Squishie. World-renowned for being the wrinkliest of the wrinkle dogs.

The best part about the Himalayan Squishie, in addition to how fun he is to draw, is how much fan art he generated, when he first appeared in the strip. Here’s just one example of a fan project: A life-size Himalayan Squishie!

The Pigeon

In my house, Mo Willems’ books hold a special, special place. They are very loved, and read with the goofiest of voices…as all good children’s books should be. So today’s strip is written with all the love and admiration in the world for Mo. This is just a thought that runs through my mind, every time I ask which Pigeon book we should read tonight. 🙂

Don’t know Mo’s books? Wellllllll do I have a link for you! [LINKY-LINK]

We won in Salt Lake!

In fun news, my documentary Stripped won “Best Feature” and “Best Score” this weekend at the film fest in Salt Lake!
Still haven’t seen it? Here’s four ways to watch:

1.) VHX (DRM-free, with bonus stuff!)
2.) iTunes
3.) Google Play
4.) Topatoco (DVD, from the nicest folks!)
5.) Amazon (DVD, free “Prime” shippin’!)

This Weekend! Salt Lake!

Reminder that this weekend, for the FIRST TIME EVER, I’m coming to Salt Lake City…for their huge new Comic Con, Sept 4-6! I’ll be at booth 1323 with Sheldon and Drive books/posters, as well as the Stripped DVDs and posters. AAAAAAND free sketches.

There’s even a FREE SCREENING of my film Stripped for all SLCC attendees, on Saturday at noon.

Oh! And if you ever had your eye on a Sheldon original, e-mail me the date/description, and I’ll bring it along! I always knock $25 off originals at shows.

Get your convention pass now, and see you in SLC!