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Reddit SciFi/Fantasy Artist AMA

Not that you can’t ask me questions *here*, but just FYI: The kind moderators over at the Reddit Sci-Fi/Fantasy subreddit have invited me on during Artists’ Week — to introduce DRIVE to new readers, and answer any art questions you may have.

I just posted the intro thing: Come on by and axe quextions!

Drive Corps

Hey, Patreon supporters!

Just for fun, I made a mock-up of the DNA AllKey that’s issued to Drive Corps students when they join up. It uses a couple different baked-in technologies to check the identity of the holder before unlocking access to the Drive.

Click through [HERE] to check out the full design!

….The AllKey was first mentioned waaaaay back here🙁http://www.drivecomic.com/archive/110302.html)


Because it looks awesome at a large size, I turned the last panel of today’s strip into a free wallpaper for Patreon supporters of DRIVE. You can grab it here.

Not a Patreon backer yet? Jump in at the twenty-five cents level, and see how you like it! You’ll also get every strip early, more wallpapers, sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes commentary, and the energetic comments section…where I spend a fair chunk of my time!

Try it: at $.25 …I guarantee you won’t even notice it.

Drive in 2016

DRIVE readers: I’m making a huge pivot in my career in 2016, to put more emphasis on DRIVE…and I’m asking for your support.

If you love DRIVE, and love where the story is going…but haven’t yet supported DRIVE on Patreon, now is the time. Take a second and kick in at the 25-cents level (type “.25” into the pledge box). At that level, you won’t even notice the tiny credit card charge. BUT: If a few hundred of you do it, your direct support of the strip will make a huge difference to DRIVE in 2016.

AS A BENEFIT TO YOU: You”ll get access to all the behind-the-scenes artist commentary and images, early first-looks at every strip, and the awesome, friendly reader’s-comments-section that I devote a lot of time to. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing YOU’VE MADE THE COMIC POSSIBLE.
Here’s how your Patreon support helps:
1.) Right now, DRIVE has a schedule of two strips a week: One from me, and one “Tales of the Drive” strip from a guest artist. That’s been AMAZING, but you and I are both clamoring for more. But for me to up my DRIVE output, I need to reduce my output –and income — on my strip SHELDON. Which is where DRIVE’s Patreon comes in: Your support fills that gap.
2.) I’d really, really want to produce a beautiful, slick, fun-to-read collection of “DRIVE: Act 1”. It’ll include the entire run from the first strip, to when the Machito leaves the planet Slaughter. Your Patreon support helps me devote the time to edit and lay it out.
3.) There are a ton of side improvements I want to make to the DRIVE archives, the site, the new Wiki, and more: And your Patreon support will make all that possible.

If you’re not familiar with Patreon: Watch the video, below, then click through [HERE] to support the strip!

And thank you!


Perhaps you’d forgotten, as it’s been [four years since it was last mentioned], that the Vinn apparently have bioelectrogenesis?


Also: I’ve never drawn lightning before! Oh man lots of exciting things happening around here. 🙂


Reminder: If you haven’t yet pledged at the twenty-five cent level on Patreon…please do! Just type in $.25 at patreon.com/drive — and you’ll be directly supporting the story you love!

Schedule Change for 2016

I want to take a minute to tell you that SHELDON’S schedule will change to Mon-Wed-Fri in 2016. I’m going to try out that pace for a year, and see if I like it.

In a wonderful sort of way, my scifi strip DRIVE is taking up more and more of my creative headspace — so I’m going to honor that in the new year. That strip started as a delightful side hobby, but it’s grown into so much more. I’m really loving creating that goofy-characters-in-a-serious-scifi-story that is DRIVE. And apparently, so is the readership: The audience has grown by a factor of 300% over two years, and the Patreon for DRIVE consistently beats the Patreon for SHELDON by a wide margin — surprising even me.

So I’m going to honor my own heart on this one, and reorganize my creative schedule a tiny bit.

New SHELDONS will continue to appear here, Mon-Wed-Fri…and the five-day-a-week fun of classic SHELDONS will continue to run over at GoComics. Thank you all for the continued kindness you’ve shown me over the years! And thank you for reading!