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And then they tell two friends, and then they tell two friends…

We all have one sci-fi friend who we take with us to see Interstellar or Guardians of the Galaxy, right? Today I wanted to ask you a favor about that friend.

Can you do me a huge kindness, and drop that friend a quick e-mail: Suggesting they try DRIVE?

Yesterday, I got two e-mails from folks who’d just found the strip, and who read it in one sitting, and their excitement absolutely made my day. Put me in the best mood to draw and write the strip.

So I wanted to ask that small favor of you.

If you would, take a sec to e-mail your sci-fi buddy. You’ll make one cartoonist super happy.

My other strip, DRIVE

Have you read my other strip, DRIVE? If you’re a a scifi fan, I’d super recommend it.

It tells the tale of a second Spanish Empire: A galactic empire. Spain conquered the globe and a good chunk of the galaxy, using technology from a crashed alien ship. But those aliens want their tech back, and attack with an almost religious fervor.

It kinda-sorta combines the scope of Dune with the goofy fun of Hitchiker’s Guide. I think you’ll like it! Give it a try, here: