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Sale Time!

Oh snap! Big-time sales for big-time gift-givin’!

1.) Sheldon book one, “Pure Ducky Goodness,” is 50% off.
2.) The 11-pack with all the Sheldon books is $40 off.
3.) In the lowest price they’ve ever been, all original art has been reduced $35 in the store. To snag your favorite, just click the blue type, right under the strip, that says “Buy Today’s Original Art.”

4.) Plus! The new “Wine” poster is in the store, along with a handful of Arthur statues

Arthur Sculptures!

Do you guys remember those awesome, hand-made Arthur sculptures created by my talented friend, LA puppet and special effects artist Nikki Rice Malki? Well in good news, we have 31 available in the store, just in time for gift-givin!!

Keep in mind, these cute little duck butts are hand-crafted, and only 200 of ’em total will ever grace this world!

Here’s a digital turnaround of her amazing work, to show you what we were looking at:

Untitled from Sheldon Comics on Vimeo.

Nikki’s artistry can only work so fast, so there are just 31 available before the end of the year! Get ’em while the gettin’s gettable!

Friday’s Strip

Friday’s strip. Dangerous, oversimplified stereotype? Yes.

Nonetheless true? Yes.

The Culture of Wine

This past weekend, my talented wife had her short film showing at the Napa Film Festival….so we of course went up north for it.

Napa, as you know, is sort’ve the beating heart of the California wine industry. And make no mistake: The wines there are magnificent. But if you read enough marketing language written on, about, and around wine…you kinda step into this alternate universe where everyone owns an Aston Martin and is trying to decide on what Christmas gifts to buy for the staff of their summer home. It’s so awkward: We don’t even *see* them around Christmas, why are we buying them Christmas gifts?

That sort’ve thing.

Tres Primos

Looks like *someone’s* comin’ out of retirement…


Lovely Ol’ Zealand

I’m posting this at 12:01 AM, before the strip goes live at 12:15 AM, to let you know that:

1.) I am aware that Zeeland exists, yes.
2.) Despite all the pedantic e-mails I’ll get today that begin, “Actually, Dave….” the strip was still worth it.

On a separate note: Today’s strip reminded me of this one on Australia.