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Just in time for SHELDON’s 25th anniversary online, we have a beautiful new site! And there are a bunch of fun new features (see below)!


  • The delightful design is all the handiwork of Beth Reidmiller. She brought this whole look to life. The mobile version is fun, but if you really want to see how much her design shines…check out the desktop version! It came out great!
  • And all the wonderful coding that makes the site shine are thanks to the Toocheke system, developed by Leetoo. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with on the new DRIVE and SHELDON sites, and I can’t thank him enough for all the work he put into it!

To help kick the tires of the new site, I’ve put all original art up for sale. From now until Saturday, original art is just $99! (That’s $71-off!) Just navigate to your favorite comic, and click “Buy Today’s Original Art” underneath it. BAM: Instant savings! 🙂

Webcomics like mine used to run on advertising. But that business model has completely fallen apart. So! To keep the lights on, the new Sheldon site will run on a much healthier system of fan support: Patreon.com/sheldoncomics. When you join us, check out all the stuff you’ll get:

  • Weekly original art giveaways via Patreon!
  • New “themed” collections, where you can read just by your interest in pugs, coffee, pop culture, literature, *my* favorites, and more! 
  • All 5,000 comics in the Sheldon archives!
  • Behind-the-scenes and sneak peeks!
  • And you’ll get pal-time forums!
  • Join us, pals! It’s super worth it!

Note the new RSS feed: Coming soon!

Friends! In the near future, an ENTIRELY NEW Sheldon site is coming — and it’ll have a new RSS feed. If you use RSS, please note the new feed:


It’s not active yet, but! I mention it only so that this note gets archived in the OLD feed, so you know where to go! 🙂