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Richard Thompson

My heart broke, today, to read that Richard Thompson is retiring his sublimely delightful strip Cul De Sac, due to Parkinson’s. And I wanted to take a moment to celebrate Richard.

More than anything else, because Richard is a good man, an insightful man, a funny man — and because his art makes the world a better place.

I particularly loved the hour or two we got to sit down in Ohio and chat solely about comics for the documentary I’m making. His philosophy of comics, the joys and the heartbreaks of it, and his own path into the art form — all of it was so wonderful to hear. The documentary is all the better for his presence in it.

Even more so, I’m glad for his gift of Cul De Sac to the world. It was and is a fantastic, fantastic strip — perhaps one of the best we’ll ever see. It made the small moments of life seem big and meaningful, and made the big, overwhelming moments of life seem manageable and relatable. It did what a comic strip should do: Reduce life to its essence, in joy-filled ways that told you you weren’t alone.

So thank you, Richard, for your gifts to the world…and your gifts to me. I am a better person because of your art: And that is the highest compliment I know how to give an artist.

First Contact…and Dating Sites

I’m sure there’s a scifi short story that deals with this, but I’ve been thinking, lately, about how Earth’s First Contact is kind of like an dating site. Our broadcasts are like a Match.com or eHarmony listing.

People: There is a REASON we haven’t had an interstellar date yet.

Guest Strip Week: David Malki !

Rounding out our guest strip week is my good friend David Malki !, purveyor of fine jokeries over at Wondermark. Dave’s famous for his unique incorporation of Victorian-era etchings into re-worked, re-imagined strips with an awesome, modern writing style. Which makes his guest strip all the more awesome: Dave’s a great artist, and it’s fun to see him try a different approach.

A huge thank you to Dave…and to Dylan, William, and Kris for guesting this week. It was awesome having you!

And I’m back to it on Monday!

Guest Strip Week: Dylan Meconis

Today’s guest strip was kindly drawn by my friend Dylan Meconis, a 2012 Eisner nominee with a “ligne claire” style that I just love.

Dylan’s best known perhaps, for her long-form comic Family Man, which artfully blends 18th C. academic theologians with…lycanthropes. But I’d also highly recommend her short story Outfoxed, of which I can not say enough nice things.

Plus, as you can see for yourself, she draws really cute dog bellies.

Guest Strip Week: William Tallman

Wednesday’s guest strip might just be the cutest version of Arthur I’ve ever seen. I seriously mean that: I find this version super endearing. And so both a thank you and a shaken, clenched fist goes out to Senor Tallman for today’s guest strip. Be sure to check out his work at Reptilis Rex!

Guest Strip Week: Kris Straub

I’ve asked four friends to fill in for me on a particularly busy week, and I can’t wait for you to sees ’em. First up is the the most Kristofer of Kristofers I know: Kris Straub. For those of you that know his work: This is a cool step away from his normal style, isn’t it? I really dig it. And for those of you who don’t know his work: Check out his strip Chainsawsuit, and his recently completed sci-fi epic, Starslip