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Welcome, new readers!

There’s lots and lots of news to report from San Diego Comic-Con on Wednesday, but for today, I want to give a quick welcome to the new readers joinin’ us from the ‘Con.

To get acquainted with Sheldon, check out the welcome page for new folks…which explains the characters, settings, and more.

Another good guide to check out is our audio tour [MP3 file] of the site, which works like a museum auto-tour-guide…and is kinda fun.

And lastly, let me give you my personal e-mail, in case you have any comments, questions, or problems with the site. I try to answer every e-mail I get.

Anyway! Welcome to Sheldon!

And tomorrow! Pics and fun wrap-ups of the goings-on and what not and what have you!

Quick Blog Post from Comic-Con

Four quick bits of news:

1.) Snap-a-doo! 160 copies of the new book, 62% More Awesome, are being specially shipped to Comic-Con, and should be there on Saturday by late mornin’! If you’re at the ‘Con, make sure you head over to booth #1330 and grab your copy before this early shipment goes!

2.) The Saturday-serial and the normal Sunday strip are both being replaced with two special Comic-Con strips. Have no fear…both will return next week!

3.) LOTS of folks at the ‘Con are telling me I need to do a Flaco/Squee shirt. Based on the similar sketch requests, I’d say Flaco’s the new favorite among Sheldonistas.

4.) Pics of the ‘Con should be going up in the blog early next week!

SD Comic-Con! Booth #1330!

Aaaand, I’m off! San Diego Comic-Con! Woo-hoo!

I’ll be on the road until this coming Monday, so forgive me if I don’t answer your e-mails or post much to the blog. I’ll be a busy li’l cartoonist.

But! For those that can make it to SDCC, and do swing by booth #1330, here is the awesomeness you can expect:

– Three Comic-Con-Exclusive Sheldon shirts: “Coffee: It’s What’s for Dinner”, “Lucky Duck”, and “WWAKD?” Each made from super-soft American Apparel t-shirts (the best around!)

– Eight Comic-Con-Exclusive Sheldon buttons!

– $25-off all Sheldon original art! Dailies! Sundays! The whole shebang! $25 off!

– Free sketches in any Sheldon book you buy! Pick your favorite character, and watch ’em come to life at the hands of a cartoonist who (by that point in the day) will have eaten 9 churros!

– Free, Commemorative 2007 SDCC High-Fives to anyone that asks for one! Make sure you get yours, so you can prove to your grandkids you were there!

– The new book! (It’s not 100% guaranteed that it’ll get to the ‘Con in time, but I’m feelin’ pretty confident I’ll have copies by Friday! …Saturday? …Lord, I’m not sure! Who doesn’t love the fickleness of life’s uncontrollable details!)

Head to booth #1330, under the big “Blank Label Comics” sign. I’ll be the one handin’ out high-fives like they were goin’ outta style.

And if it’s helpful, download and print out this handy map: map (PDF)

Saturday-Only Serial…Continued!

For those followin’ along with our Saturday-Serial Storyline, here are the previous installments:

4, and

Also! Two great pics to share with you from Sheldonistas:

1.) In light of this recent Sheldon toon on the Ford Five Hundred, Sheldonista Karen C. sent in this shot:

…did you see the license plate? How kismetically rad is that? That made my day…thanks, Karen!

2.) Not to be outdone by the Sheldonistas who recently named their bird “Squee”, Jennifer W. today sent me a picture of her new cat….”Sheldon”. He’s got the ol’ freak eyes on him, which is perhaps oddly appropriate. Now we just need to get him some big honkin’ glasses.

Exclusive ComicCon Buttons

Following up on the t-shirt news (see previous blog entry), I also wanted to share pics of the exclusive Sheldon buttons for San Diego ComicCon:

Each button also has funny sayings and commentary along the edge…just for that extra dash of awesomeness. Look for ’em exclusively at booth #1330!

Exclusive ComicCon T-Shirts

Triple bits of fun news on the ComicCon front:

1.) There is the possibility — the possibility, mind you — that the new Sheldon book could be available at ComicCon. They probably won’t arrive Wednesday or Thursday…but there’s a chance they’ll be there for Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Watch the blog for updates, I’ll know more as we get closer!

2.) This year, there will be ComicCon-Exclusive Sheldon T-shirts for sale! Not available online, these super-soft, super-awesome “American Apparel” shirts are only available in San Diego at booth #1330. Check ’em out:

…if you have an interest in the shirts, but can’t make it to the ‘Con — drop me a line. If enough folks are interested in them, I’ll consider putting ’em up for sale on the site.

3.) We’ll also be having 8 different types of ComicCon-Exclusive Sheldon buttons! They’re neat. I’ll put pics of those up tomorrow.

The Ford Five Hundr…I Mean, “Taurus”

Every once in a while, I love to poke fun at car companies.

You remember, of course, the long-running Chrysler jokes ’round these parts….

…but do you recall this little gem? About Subarus?

That darn Subaru cartoon generated more hate mail than pratically anything I’ve ever done. It was hilarious. For most of the week, guys (…they were all guys) kept e-mailing me specs and stats about how rad their Subaru was, and how not-at-all-dorky it looked….desperately trying to reassure me that their car was, in fact, really, really awesome.

Of course, by posting about it again, I’m sure I just invited 9,000 new e-mails that point out the amazing breaking capabilities on the new Subaru WRX…but it’s worth it. I still love that cartoon.

Dramatic Chipmunk

If you were a scientist, loading a present-day Voyager 1 or 2 with video clips to represent the human race…what clips would you use?

I would use this little gem. It is, perhaps, the magnum opus of the human race.

Navigating the Sheldon Site

From your recent e-mails, I’ve figured out that there are some new/old readers who don’t know how to navigate through the Sheldon strip archives. So! A quick primer!

The blue arrows — located directly below the comic — work much like a VCR/DVD/Music player. If you wish to go to the previous day’s toon, hit the < button. If you wish to go all the way back to the first toon, hit the << button. To go forward a day… >; to jump to today’s strip… >>.

To navigate to a specific date in the archives, just click the blue “Archives” button…also right below the strip.

And (most fun of all), if you want to jump around the archives at random, click the blue “Random Strip” button. (Try this a few times. Seriously. It’s fun.)

Have a minute to spare for some extra awesomeness? Take the Sheldon Audio Tour. It’s pretty fun, and shows you the better nooks ‘n crannies of the site.

Does your city dig Sheldon?

Just for fun, I thought I’d share with you the top five cities in the world, in terms of Sheldon readers:

1.) London

2.) Seattle

3.) Los Angeles

4.) Chicago

5.) San Fran

I was kinda fascinated to see that London produces more readers than NYC, LA, SF, or Chicago…and that Seattle is number two! Who would’ve guessed?!

And for those wondering…

City #236?

Yep, it’s Walla Walla, Washington.