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So much exposition in today’s strip…all to make a joke about flounders not gettin’ any.

If you’ve never caught a flounder before, you must do yourself a favor and do a Google image search. It really is the ugliest fish in the world.

Last call for books!

If you were hoping to have your Sheldon books by Christmas, here’s your last chance: you have until Saturday to order your books for Christmas delivery. We’ll still be accepting orders and shipping after that, of course, but Saturday is your last big chance to get one under the tree.

Lots of folks have been praising the new book, especially. In e-mails, forum posts, in the press
and in famous encounters.

So please don’t wait until Dec. 24th and wish you had snagged a copy…as that will just bum us both out. Snag yours now.

NOTE: Make sure you order using Priority Mail, as Media Mail won’t make it in time.

With apologies…

Today’s strip is up on the site late: a situation for which I genuinely apologize.

Computer problems, alas, have descended on the Kellett house since my San Fran trip. And like the tasks of Hercules, each of these computer problems seems to be trickier than the last. To even get today’s strip up involved a flash-memory drive, a borrowed laptop, a car, and a friendly neighbor who left their wi-fi network open. Good times!

I’m imagining my next computer task already: it will involve a 1993 Tandy computer with a cracked VGA screen, a dial-up 28K modem, a llama, and six pints of egg nog. I anticipate the challenge!

Amazon’s Predictive Abilities

Re: today’s toon:
I’ve joked about this before…but Amazon’s predictive algorithms never cease to freak me out when I make a purchase there. It almost scares me off, it’s so uncannily accurate.

In other news, I’ll be posting pics and a write-up from this weekend’s museum visits, as soon as I catch up on signing Artist’s Editions ordered while I was gone.

In the meantime, here’s a fun-fact from the trip: The reason why San Francisco has such good sourdough bread? It has it’s own yeast, which exists no where else in the world.

(Source: Greg Dean, cartoonist, chef extraordinaire, and excellent culinary tour guide!)

Check it out! Charles Schulz Museum and SF Cartoon Art Museum!

I can’t believe these museum visits are already here! I’ve been very excited for them….

This Saturday, I’ll be appearing at the Charles “Peanuts” Schulz Museum from 1-3 PM, followed by a Sunday appearance at the
S.F. Cartoon Art Museum from 1-3 PM.

In both locales, I’ll be demonstrating how a cartoon is created, answering questions, and talking a bit about the history of the comic strip.

Both museums make for a really awesome day out, so come on out! It’s fun to see how many cups of coffee I can down drawing just one strip!

(Secret tip: it’s 6)

Google Can Totally Come to Barbecues at My House

On a happy follow-up note: Google has fully re-instated Sheldon’s ad account. It seems that it was the sudden, huge surge of Sheldon readers that triggered their fraud algorithms.

(Special thanks to Sheldon reader and Google engineer Tim D. for his kindness.)

Interview at Fanboy Radio

Today I was invited on to the Fanboy Radio show…the premiere show for comics, comic books, pop culture, and sci-fi. They do an awesome show week after week, with big names like Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, Mike Mignola, and others.

The show airs out of Texas radio, but can also be listened to online, for a mere 75 cents. I haven’t yet heard the final interview, but it was a really, really fun one to do. Check it out…episode 355!

Book Party Report, Part 2

For everyone that couldn’t make it, here’s a slideshow of the party night, with accompanying commentary. Thanks again to everyone who made it out…the night was fantastic.

Book Party Report, Part 1

I’m just getting home from the book party , and I couldn’t be happier with how the night came off. Friends, family, fellow cartoonists, hordes of Sheldonistas, and even a splash of Hollywood celebrity turned out to celebrate the new book! Not too shabby a night, by any measure.

Tomorrow, after I’ve had the chance to sleep a little bit, I’ll post pics from the big night. But in the meantime…thank you to everyone who came out!


P.S. Sheldonistas? Sheldonites? Sheldonians? We need to make a decision on this…’cause Lord knows I can’t decide.

Interview at Fleen

The good folks at Fleen invited me for an interview over the weekend. My resulting ramblings can be read here.