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Anatomy of Dogs!

Friends! Today we’re starting a fun new project: ANATOMY OF DOGS!

It’ll run, once a week or so, for the next 12-18 months. And then in 2025 we’ll Kickstart a book for it. That way, we get the dogs we love and deserve…but we’re not overrun with pups at one time.

Speaking of Kickstarter: You should know that the 11th Sheldon book will be Kickstarting VERY SOON, and that it’s gonna have Pickles on the cover, and that I love it so dang much. More news on that soon!

But for now, enjoy the first installment of ANATOMY OF DOGS! And have a great weekend, pals!


Hey pals! The deadline to get shop orders to you in time for Christmas is THIS THURSDAY, December 14th! We even found some lost inventory, so some older books are back in stock! Go check it out! Head over to SheldonStore.com and play Santa for your family…or even yourself!