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Sheldon in Germany

Remember, a few weeks back, when I mentioned my last trip to Germany…and how surprised I was to find Sheldon books in Nuremberg (Nürnberg)? Well, Sheldonista Alex H-H has outdone himself, travelling to Nuremberg to look for some Sheldon in the wild. And check out his submitted travelogue, in photo-comic-strip form.

This is awesome! Thanks, Alex!

SPX Roundup & Photo Album

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who came out to the SPX show in Maryland — you really made it a fantastic weekend. I’m happy to report we sold out of all three books while there, exchanged a lot of high fives, gave away lots of free sketches, and gained a lot of new readers.

I’ve put together a little photo-album-with-descriptions for your perusal….check it out!

“Ugly Hill” is Back!

After a two week break following the birth of his first child (…congratulations!), my buddy Paul is back at this drawing desk, creating daily installments of Ugly Hill. Ugly Hill has some of the most fantastic art going, so please check it out!

And congratulate Paul and his wife on their wonderful news!

Microsoft Folks Is Good People

I’ve poked fun at Microsoft many a time, including the only Steve Ballmer joke I’ve ever done. It’s one of those fun, easy targets for a cartoonist.

But the recent HealthVault strips brought a pleasant surprise for me: not one, not two, but three separate e-mails from folks in Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group, all saying they loved the strip.

The best e-mail I got was from Jeff, who said he printed out the cartoon to put up in his office, and on walking to the shared printer, saw the same strip already up on someone else’s office. Exhibit A:

I think that’s awesome. And I think it says a lot about the character of the folks behind HealthVault that they can roll with the joke so kindly.

Microsoft Folks Is Good People.

Last Call!

Thursday night, I’m hoppin’ a plane to Maryland for SPX…so here’s your last call: if you’re hoping to pick up an original strip at $25 off, e-mail me to tell me which one you’d like. I’ll be bringing 50 or 60 along with me…but they might not be the one you want! And that would be mortifyingly embarrassing for both of us.

Can’t wait to meet all the nice folks that have e-mailed so far! This show is gonna rock so fully….I can already tell.

Come for the free Sheldon sketches, stay for the high fives!

Monday News

1.) Quick reminder for north-easterners!

This weekend, join me at SPX in Bethesda, Maryland…as it will probably be my only east-coast trip for a while! I’ll be givin’ out free sketches and high-fives, as well as signing and selling books and original strips! (…which reminds me: I’ve received e-mails from a few folks asking that I bring this or that original. If you’re hoping to pick up your favorite…make sure you e-mail me so I bring it along!)

2.) Heard Paul Anka on the radio, today, singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. It was actually really, really, really good. You go, Paul Anka.

3.) I hope you don’t mind the supersized Sheldon strips that have been runnin’ lately. I’ve been giving myself the luxury of space, when the pacing needs it, and I’ve been enjoying it. I hope you have, too!

4.) I had two readers e-mail me today telling me they just finished reading through the entire Sheldon
archives, which is always fun to hear. If you have down time at work or between classes, here are three ways to dive into the 2,000 Sheldon strips!

5.) That’s right, I said 2,000! In just 9 days! Woo-hoo!

Sheldon’s Funniest Pug Contest Winner!

Do you remember, a good while back, our contest for the “Funniest Pug Picture”? We had a lot of really funny pics submitted, but this little guy ending up winning…

The winning dog was named “Pudgie”. Here’s a shot of him when he’s not relaxin’ in his alligator bed:

Well, as you remember, the contest winner got a free copy of The Good, The Bad & The Pugly, aaaaand a personalized drawing of their pug.

Colleen G., the Sheldonista who won the contest, told me that Pudgie loves to chew on his little binky, so that’s how I drew him up. Check it out, I’m kinda proud of how it came out…

So, Colleen, look for your inked drawing and book in the mail! Hope you like it!

Maryland, here I come! SPX!

Big news, east-coast Sheldonistas!

Next week, I’ll be appearing at Maryland’s SPX, the very cool comics show that brings together over 400 cartoonists and creators in a super intimate setting. I’ve never been, but apparently it’s awesome, and I’m jazzed as heck to be goin’.

This will be the only east-coast appearance for me this year…and may be my last one until Fall 2008. So if you were hoping for a personalized sketch drawn in Eastern Standard Time…THIS IS YOUR CHANCE.

I’ll be there for both days of the show: giving out free sketches, signing and selling books & original art, aaaaaand giving out 2007 Commemorative SPX High Fives (while supplies last).

All Sheldon original strips will be selling for $25 off — so if you have a favorite strip you’re dyin’ to get, this is a good time. (Just make sure you e-mail me to ensure I bring your fave with me.)

The show runs Friday, Oct. 12 (2PM – 8PM), and Saturday, Oct. 13 (10AM – 7PM), and you can find me at the “Blank Label Comics” booth in the program…exhibiting next to Kris Straub, Brad “Wigwam” Guigar, Howard Tayler, and David Willis.

Check the SPX site for more details!

(Also: what are people from Maryland called? “Marylanders”…? “Marylandians”…? “Marylandalucians”…?)

Kitty Sandworm

Reacting to the recent Dune/Coffee strips, Sheldonista Jen R. reminded me of this awesome pic: